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Black dirty spots on front rim

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I just bought a used 2008 triumph Daytona 675 with 12,400miles. I took it home and noticed black spots on my front rim. I figured it might have been from the road so I cleaned the rim. After a second ride the spots were there. What could this be from? I am assuming it has to do with the brakes. But not sure what part. I wrapped a zip tie to my front brake lever and throttle squeezing it. Going to leave it there overnight to see if any leaks from the brakes. I would hate to clean the rim after every ride.


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That is weird. It looks like grease or oil. I'd be checking the fork seals and perhaps the front wheel bearings too.
Like TwoWheelWonder mentioned it might just be break dust. There was a little on the rear also.
I've had brake dust on my wheels before and it doesn't look like that. Normally it's an even film of dust that wipes off easily. Unless that's after you've tried to clean it with something and it's smudged?
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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