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**Bike Of The Month**January 2012**

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January 2012 Bike of the Month​

This month's bike of the month winner goes to a very tastefully modded Daytona. I'm always a sucker for a Graphite beauty! I present to you c_morse and his clean and quick Graphite 07' Daytona. Enjoy! And congrats!

-Full Name - Charlie Morse
-Username - c_morse

Modifications and Build List:

-Sprocket Specialists Front and Rear Sprockets - 16/48 - Black
-EK 520 MVXZ Chain - Black
-APE Adjustable Cam Sprockets
-Hordpower Intake Camshaft
-Hordpower Intake Trumpets
-Hordpower Stage 1 Cylinder Head Porting
-Triumph Race Cylinder Head Gasket
-Pipercross Race Air Filter
-Leo Vince Full Race Exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber Muffler
-Heat Wrapped/Sealed Exhaust From Lower Headers to Muffler
-APE Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
-Secondary Air Injection System Removed
-Air Intake Flapper Removed
-NGK CR10EIX Spark Plugs
-Hordpower 8-cell Lithium Battery
-Dynotuned by Hordpower to 121hp/53tq

-Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tires
-EBC HH Front and Rear Brake Pads
-Galfer Stealth Rear Rotor
-Elka 2-Way Rear Shock
-Spiegler Front and Rear Brake Lines - Black
-Spiegler Brake Banjo Bolts - Black
-Pazzo Racing Gold Anodized Preload Adjusters
-Rizoma Front and Rear Brake Fluid Reservoirs - Black
-Hyperpro RSC Steering Damper - Top Mount - Black w/ Gold Hardware
-Gilles Tooling Black Chain Adjusters w/ GP Lifts
-Lowered front forks flush with triple tree
-[FLUX] Standard Height Rear Suspension Correction Plates

-Apexcone 35W DDM Low and High Beam HID - 5k low and high
-Proton Flushmount Turn Signals
-White SMD 80mm Halos
-White LED Running Lights
-LED Flasher Relay
-Clear Alternatives Smoked LED Tail Light
-Gilles Rearsets - Black
-Lightech Fuel Cap - Black
-Pazzo Brake and Clutch Levers - Shorty - Black w/ Gold Adjusters
-Rizoma Grips - Black
-R&G Bar Ends
-Tech Spec Snakeskin Tank Grip Pads
-GSG Frame Sliders
-PowerBronze Aero Windscreen
-Keiti Windscreen Screw Kit - Black
-Polished Headlight Housings
-Bestem USA Carbon Fiber Front Mudguard
-Skidmarx Carbon Fiber Rear Fender
-Traded Jet Black Tank for Graphite
-Repainted Fairings/Cowls Graphite
-Graphite Solo Seat Cowl
-Black Powdercoated Passenger Rearsets
-Triumph Genuine Accessories Footrest Mountings
-R&G Cotton Reel Paddock Stand Bobbins
-Triumph Gold Top Yoke Nut
-Triumph Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
-Triumph Gel Seat
-Carbon4U Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
-Bestem USA Carbon Fiber Lower Chain Guard
-British Customs-Style Undertail Plate Mount - Powdercoated Black
-LED License Plate Bolts
-Carbon4U Carbon Fiber Front Sprocket Cover
-Carbon4U Carbon Fiber Cockpit Infills
-Pro Bolt Alloy Fairing Bolt Kit - Black
-Pro Bolt Alloy Screen Bolt Kit - Black
-Pro Bolt Alloy Engine Bolt Kit - Black
-Pro Bolt Alloy Sprocket Nut Kit - Black
-Pro Bolt Alloy Clutch Cable Adjustment Knob - Black
-LoJack installed by dealer

Pieces powder coated, painted, or anodized black:
-Headlight Housings
-Instrument Cluster
-Grill Mesh
-Engine Covers
-Wheels and Valve Stems
-Suspension Link and Brackets
-Triple Tree
-Swingarm Spacers
-Rear Axle Blocks
-Frame Slider Brackets
-Caliper Bolts
-Rotor Bolts
-Axle Pinch Bolts
-Triple Tree Pinch Bolts
-Clip-on Pinch Bolts
-Too many to list….almost every single visible nut/bolt/spacer/washer/bracket

Why do you think your bike should be Bike of the Month?
Why I Think My Bike is a BOTM Contender: This bike won bike of the month a couple of years ago, and since coming into my hands has undergone quite a transformation. I feel that this is a perfect example that one's definition of a "finished product" is a wonderful beginning point for another to realize what they really want in a bike. Through removing certain parts and modifications both performance wise and aesthetic that the previous owner had done, and then adding in those parts I felt best made the bike "mine," I feel that I've reached a product that goes beyond what the original iteration was, and truly made this bike fit me. I've made it more comfortable, in my eyes better looking, and overall a joy for me to ride. I find myself wheeling this bike out of the garage almost nightly and just sitting there and staring at it. I feel that my exacting attention to detail has really benefitted this bike, in that I have redone many things that the original owner did to get them "up to my standards." This goes for redoing the headlights, to rewiring the front harness so that it didn't stick out from below the fairing, to replacing the scarred gold top yoke nut. In the end I've reached a much more polished product than what I'd originally purchased, and the transformation for me is a very pleasing one.

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The Hyperpro was on the bike when I bought it from its previous owner. At the time of purchase the bike was Jet Black with gold accents. I don't know for sure if he bought the damper in this particular color combo, although I'm pretty sure I've seen other Hyperpro dampers sporting similar colors recently.

Thanks guys!
Having owned a mostly stock D675, and now this one, the motor work and tune on this created a serious screamer. I'm in love with it.
I got mine from They're the 80mm I believe? Might want to double-check me on that. There's a couple threads around on them. I think total cost on them was about $20... they're just one solid color. I also sprung for the covers that go over them to disperse the light more evenly. I like them with the covers a lot, as compared to just some SMD's sitting there.
Took a couple new pictures of the bike. Changes since the win are:

Silver Rim Tape
Bestem USA Lower Carbon Fiber Chain Guard (Shark Fin)
LSL Frame Sliders
Triumph Red Anodized Oil Fill and Dip Sticks

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Going to add in what I've done to this thread. Seems a simple enough way to continue with what I've already done.

I haven't exactly been that busy on the bike, but I've still been working on it to get it to a point where I can call it quits on tinkering and just enjoy it.

First thing first, I was tired of the dingy valve cover, so I decided to do something about it.

First things first, I stripped it to bare metal:

I spent some time taping it off:

First attempt with the VHT wrinkle paint didn't turn out well. Went just a touch too heavy with the coats:

So I stripped and taped it off again:

The second time I decided to apply the paint horizontally, and follow the directions to a T. It worked, paint laid beautifully:

After about an hour of sitting, the wrinkle magic began:

24 hours later, I baked the valve cover to make sure the paint was nice and cured prior to install:

Speaking of install:

Next, I pulled the old plugs which had never been gapped, and gapped and installed the new plugs:

Next on the list, I installed a set of Driven SAI blockoffs and re-installed the spark plug igniters and wiring:

Also while I was in there, I reset adaptation and sync'd the throttle bodies:

Finally, I cleaned and oiled the air filter and put the top end back together:

Finally, I did an oil change:

And the bike all back together:

I also recently moved to Virginia, and knew that the bike would need an inspection in order to be registered here. I'm not a fan of having stickers on the bike, so I had my machinist manufacture a mounting plate:

I took the plate and the spacers and painted them with epoxy paint:

The result looked awesome:

Finally, I installed it using the left side fender bolt holes. Nice and inconspicuous, and 100% removable:

I also received some goodies from The Retrofit Source, and an extra headlight to play with. Disassembly commenced:

I had my machinist manufacture me a set of brackets for Mini-H1 projectors:

After a lot of test fitting, trimming, sanding, prepping, and painting, the parts were finally ready to work together:

I got the projectors mounted with their shrouds in the new brackets, and set up the wiring for the high beam solenoids:

Then the projector assemblies found their way into the housing, and the high beam solenoids were connected to their new connectors:

One last quick test-fit of the trim pieces with the new projectors and shrouds:

Anyway, that's got me up to date. Can't wait to finish the headlight project, and I have a few other goodies up my sleeve too. :coolgleamA:
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That's all paint. No powder coating. Although I have seen plastic valve covers powder coated...
Just remembered that I never updated this thread after I finished the headlight project! Hopefully after this post, the color for the shrouds will make a bit more sense.

Anyway, picking up where I left off, I pulled the old light out of the bike and set to work installing and integrating the new wiring:

The lens on the old headlight was in better shape than the lens on the donor headlight, so I swapped them, and then added new sealant and taped up the light to cure:

After everything was cured up, I went ahead and mounted the light in the front fairing. Notice that the shrouds are pretty close to color-matched to the paint on the bike. It makes them stand out against the black background in the housing, too:

After that, I busted out the trusty Dremel and cut the appropriate holes to run the H1 wiring through:

Then I temporarily hooked up the light just to check functionality:

A picture outside in the light to show off the color a little better:

Next up I re-installed everything, then took the bike outside to check the lighting:

A couple dark pics in the garage:

And then a couple outside pics in the daytime:

Overall, I gained a lot more light output at night, along with the convenience of having dual high beams with no warm-up time when I switch over. I also made myself more visible to other traffic during the day.

This is a toned-down, "OEM Plus" style retrofit, but I think it fits the bike very well. I'm extremely happy with how this one turned out!
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