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Bad vibrations?

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Hi all, i have a 2015 daytona 675 r (only had it less than a year and i absolutely adore it) and recently ive noticed really bad vibrations through the pegs and handlebars.

It happens whenever i rev, like, at all. It gets stronger the higher the rpm.
It happens if im stationery or moving, neutral or in gear, clutch in or out. The thing thats confusing me is that those vibrations arent affecting anywhere else on the bike.

Ive seen a lot of things online mention the engine mounting points, however im struggling to find online where all of my mounting points actually are
I need my bike everyday for work so i cant have it in bits in my garage for a week trying to find them all.

So if anyone could make a list of mounting points, or advice on what else could be causing the vibrations itd be a massive help.
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