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Attack Performance Suspension Linkage Kit for the Triumph 675

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The Attack Performance suspension linkage kit for the Triumph 675 and 675R is now available, in stock, and ready to ship from Riders Discount!

Not yet listed on our website, the Attack Performance suspension linkage can be ordered by calling TJ at 866.931.6644 ext. 817 or by sending us a private message through this forum. Is email more convenient? Write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you right away!

Why should you buy a linkage kit? The problem with stock linkage on factory bikes is that it is designed to have a progressive rate so that the shock can handle both solo and two-up riding. This means that the amount of force to move the shock an inch at the bottom of the shock travel will be much greater than the amount of force required at the top of the shock travel. Needless to say, a progressive linkage is not ideal for aggressive canyon or track riding.

The Attack Performance linkage kit offers a linear suspension rate which will result in predictable feedback as well as more rear tire grip. This additional grip throughout the suspension travel will allow you to get a better drive off the edge of the tire.

What sets the Attack Performance linkage kits apart from the rest, aside from the amount of R&D into each item is the details. On the Attack Performance links you'll find integrated nuts CNC'd into the plate allowing for easier installation.

On the dog bone itself you'll notice a dip in the middle of the link for additional clearance without sacrificing any strength at the bearings. You will also notice on the side plate etched labels so you get the orientation of the link plates right the first time (unlike a link available on the market that installed upside down on the vendors bike)

CNC'd from 7075 T6 aerospace grade aluminum with a hard anodized gold finish, these link plates are currently only available in gold. The link plates are solid for additional durability. From the engineering knowledge of a MotoGP shop, these links are proven to help your track pace and highly recommended for the track rider ready to take their riding to the next level.

Give us a call to order your kit today!

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Thanks again for the order!
Price for 2009 daytona shipped to 92508
Sending pm now
Price please, shipped to 98005 for 2015 675R?
Sending PM now
cant seem to find tq specks for the bolts for re-install.
anyone care to share?
Hi TJ. Looking for the price on the AP Link to 3224 Australia. Cheers.
Hi TJ. Looking for the price on the AP Link to 3224 Australia. Cheers.
That was fast ;)
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This good for the 14' 675r with ohlin's?
Yes it is
Sending PM now
Sounds good.
Hi there,
Suspension linkage kit price for 2011 D 675R, ship to Malaysia ?
Sending PM now
Can I get a price shipped to 70726. 2007 Daytona 675.
Sending PM now
Sending PM now
141 - 160 of 198 Posts
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