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Arai Quantum-X Oriental Black Frost Helmet

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Designed from the neck up for the road-going rider, the Quantum-X helmet from Arai applied their decades of experience building some of the best helmets in the world to an every-day helmet. Here, we present the Oriental Black Frost paint scheme by many-a-rider's favorite designer, Aldo Drudi.

Starting with the helmet's interior shape, the round oval, Arai is the only manufacturer that we know of who does this - the shape is designed for maximum comfort in a rider that isn't pleased with a near-enough fit. It's a little shorter front-to-back while at the same time, a little wider than most helmet shapes on the market today. This shape is housed inside Arai's super complex laminate shell, the same materials used on their top-of-the-line helmets, to impart a high degree of protection to the wearer.

Vents and exhausts are carefully integrated into the shell, fore and aft - that perform optimally at typical road-going speeds. Not only that, but there's no on/off adjustment here up top. With this helmet, you can dial in just the right amount of incoming air. This feature alone can only be fully appreciated when the weather is a bit on the cooler side since these intakes draw in a lot of air. Now, you don't have to choose between sweating and freezing, just adjust as needed with your gloved hands and ride on.

At the chin, a closeable intake is fitted as standard, this can be opened to either divert air upwards and assist in keeping a fog-free view of the road ahead, or at a second adjustment point, move air straight towards the jaw for maximum cooling. And directly below that, for when road conditions turn especially dirty or the skies open up, the included chin curtain keeps your face clean and dry. If you've ever been peppered in the face by tiny pieces of dirt that inevitably get sucked up behind the faceshield, this little gadget is worth its weight in gold. And don't forget to keep it handy when it's cold too, the extra insulation makes a big difference!

That brings us to the helmet's liner, Arai's anti-microbial, fully-removable liner is comfort defined. Properly size (talk to TJ about that!), your head will be surrounded by an illustrious combination of cheek pads, scalp insert, chin strap liners and a neck roll that almost disappears when you put it on. Plus, even though it does stay fresh longer than lesser liners, it can easily be removed to be washed and refreshed as needed.

A clear, quick-change shield comes standard with each Quantum-X helmet, and smoked versions are available as well. Plus, you get a Pinlock lens as well that's ready to install. Fog will never be a problem with this affixed to your faceshield.

For the street rider, there's little left to be desired in a helmet!

For expert sizing guidance and lightning-fast shipping, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext. 817, send a note to [email protected] with ARAI QUANTUM-X HELMET in the subject line, or just shoot us a PM and we'll get back to you right away.


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It does not get much better than Aldo Drudi's Oriental Black Frost on the Quantum X helmet. Call 866-931-6644 to order yours today!

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