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Anybody know if Triumph have sold out their '06 allocation?

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Can't be far off! :lol:
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Action Triumph were saying they were still taking orders for June delivery - but to be quick in placing an order. Of course, that may have been a sales pitch.

let's be honest
1/2 of the bikes that have been "reserved" won't be sold
we all know that
people back out for a variety of reasons
and we all know what they are
i wouldn't worry too much
there will be plenty of bikes in the US
now, in the UK, that is another story
It's certainly true that many who have placed an 'option to buy' deposit, won't like it after riding it, or will have decided they now want an R6 or whatever, or will have lost their job or been in trouble with the missus over placing an order and so will back out. For sure. Granted and accepted. As for 'half' of them backing out? Categorically I think 'no'.

I think maybe 10% will ride it and then think, hhmmm didn't realise middleweights were so gutless and uncomfortable compared with the ZZR1200 I've just sold, or whatever, and another 15% will drop out because of one of the other reasons mentioned.

In the UK, at least, there's apparently only a 1200 unit allocation and I believe two thirds had gone to deposit holders just after the NEC closed it's doors early November, so I'd guess they've probably bridge the gap in the shortfall and now have over 1000 pre-sale deposits. Basically, by the February launch I'll be astounded if riders are not then being quoted '07 delivery dates - most likely to be brought forward once production has caught up with demand - much like R3, ST and Speedy.

Be interestign to know if anyoen has any inside info though! :D
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i suppose that your percentages are little more accurate
the main thing
at least in the US.... there will be PLENTY to go around..... i'm sure
if there is anything the LEAST bit UNfavorable in the reviews to come/then that 50% number backing out will be more likely
I guess we're both right then Greg!

I agree with you - if the reviews are a little negative, that will hit further people dropping out, but I don't suppose the will be - given that we already know (well, based on a couple of hacks views anyway) that it's far better than the CBR-RR & ZX6R on the road. And I suspect the new R6 & GSXR6 too, in lieu of them being proper '600's; although these two might run it tight on the track (I think R6 1st, 675 2nd, GSXR 3rd, ZX636R 4th, CBR 5th - on the track).

But not only does the 675 have better looks than all of them (R6 is gorgeous too granted) and triple character, making it genuinely different, it also has strong torque perfectly betwixt 600-750 - in fact it makes more at 4,000 rpm than all the '05 competition at peak!

So I think on the road the 675 will be top dog. That's not as important as track success to some, but to me, that's where I spent nearly all of my time - so if it's best on the road, plus will be more exclusive and have the best torque, then it gets my personal vote.

And that's prolly why I have a Triumph deposit and not a.n.other Japanese deposit in my clammy mitt. :D

As for the U.S. Well I've been to about 20 states and spent four or five months over there, and I absolutely love the place (don't know anyone who needs an IT Quality Manager do you? :wink: ); but I have to confess that if I lived the land of plenty I'd have a R3, Road King Custom and '48 Pan-head Pimp Daddy Bobber because your roads are generally straight, and our minor roads look like the best road-race tracks in the world! :p
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as for your IT desires
you can fax me your resume any day
and tell me what you would want to make
i know a lot of people
no kidding

i'll pm you my fax
according to the people at the triumph stand at the NEC, over 1000 deposits and reservations had been taken by the end of the show..

as for people dropping out...of course, but then you have to take the people who will want to buy once they see the bike in the showroom into consideration..I would imagine the 675 will not be sat in a showroom for too long.
I am guessing that the 675 will be as scarce as new Sprints were last year and as scarce as new S3s still are. I expect they will stay scarce if they live up to the hype at all.
I know it's all speculation, but I wonder if another scenario could play itself out: that Triumph reconsiders its' allocation between UK and US. It seems that the UK allocation has gone fast, while the US is moving a lot slower as far as deposits. No doubt compounded by Triumph's decision to skip the US show circuit.

Just a thought. Bump the UK by 500 bikes. I'd guess they'd have to decide on that pretty soon though.. so as to plan the production properly. (differences in vin registrations and whatever else)
Well... I sure hope the have not sold out the US allocation since I still don't have any news from them :evil: .

Anyway... still waiting on confirmation of my order...
wachuko said:
Well... I sure hope the have not sold out the US allocation since I still don't have any news from them :evil: .

Anyway... still waiting on confirmation of my order...
The US allocation is supposed to be 2000 bikes (I think that might include 100-200 for Canada, dunno), and I don't think they've taken more than about 500 deposits so far, if that. Not bad, but nowhere near selling out yet.
Another possibility is that Triumph build more of them. They originally said they intended to produce 4000 to 5000. So, if the initial production run is 4000, they would just extend it for however long and make 5000 of them. We can only hope that is what happens. The more copies they sell, the better for all of us who intend to ride them, not collect them for posterity. More bikes means better aftermarket support and a higher likelihood that they will be raced and all that.
In this months article of BIKE there is a very small column saying that all 2006 bikes are sold. Weather this is true is another matter.
Not sure they will build more.

USA - from the reservation list - waiting time just until early April.

UK - from what I hear - mid June

There is no more production capacity to build more bikes. If you look on the rear of any brochures there are over 36 distributors, they build bikes for and won't just be building 675's, but all of the range.

I think the waiting list will stand as it is - or (more likely) will just continue to grow.
Open a second factory then... in Bangalore. :lol:
kimey46 said:
In this months article of BIKE there is a very small column saying that all 2006 bikes are sold. Weather this is true is another matter.
it seems to be true IF they are talking about the UK allocation only (which i guess they are, since this is a UK-based mag)
if they are talking about the US....
NO.... they are NOT all sold
My UK bike was ordered a couple of months ago and I was quoted possibly last week in May, more likely first week in June; so I'm sure that situation hasn't improved as such and I'd suggest the UK sell out seems feasible.

If they haven't sold out over the pond then I don't want a US allocation one - where the headlight beam points the wrong way!

One important thing to note is that e.g. if the current UK wait is say end of June, that doesn't mean that if you order in a months time you'll get July. I.e. there may be 'no' UK bikes available between the end of June until '07, if Triumph remain true to their word about restricting production to just 1200 units to keep the desirability and therefore residual values high. Great if you have already one on order, not so if you don't natch.
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