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Any Triumph riders in Denver?

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New to town and would like to meet up for a ride. Let me know.
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Hey Peter, I live near Cheeseman Park. Where are you?
in cherry creek. bike will be delivered week of 2/1. Can't wait to get out. Do people ride in the cold months?
I personally ride year round, or as much as I can. Obviously, all riding is mostly around the city. You just moved to Denver? The weather is fine for off and on riding throughout the winter. 5 and snowy one day, 65 and sunny two days later.

What brought you to Denver?
What bike did you get? From Erico or Foothills?

My buddy Jesse and I both have Street Triples. During the summer, we ride together into the hills at least once per week.
What type of riding are you looking to do? There are several other good forums/ride planners I could show you.
Hi Steve - I've got a 2009 Street Triple R. Moved here last week from Santa Monica. We will have to meet for a ride. Please send me the other forum info you mentioned.
Hey Peter,

Did you ship over your old bike or are you getting a new one shipped?
Hey, I'm shipping my bike from CA, although, now that you mention it, a new machine could be cool. I'm pretty satisfied with the STR, but not sure if I'll want something different for riding in the Rockies. This is a new riding world for me.
Hey Peter-
Since you're brand new to town, this page should be super helpful.

I took it from The Colorado Sportbike Club website. They have a forum, but I've never once looked at it. There might be come good information there.

The Sv650 forum has a pretty active all-Colorado thread. It looks pretty dead right now, but people post up there a lot in the summer.

Triumph shops- Erico Motorsports 28th/Walnut just out of downtown
Foothills BMW/Triumph 14th/Wadsworth in Lakewood

I hope these help.
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I'm up in Boulder and might be up for a ride sometime.

I ride year round, but mostly by myself during the winter. Usually just take off work early to sneak in a ride on one of the nicer afternoons. Hard to plan ahead when the weather could change at any moment.
Thanks for the info ... I'll check out those sites and let me know if you want to ride. - Peter
I'm in Colorado Springs. Don't ride my 675 on the street but if you ever get the itch to get on the track let me know. High Plains Raceway outside of Denver is a great track, lot's of fun!

I'm up for a track day for sure. What's the season for the track? I'll do a search and check out High Plains. Thanks!
Well technically they have lapping days all year but the race season is from May to October. I don't think any bikes go out there over the winter months allthough they did have a day over the Christmas break.

Just do a search for High Plains Raceway and you can find the site. Also keep a eye on Colorado sport bikes forum for track days and MRA Racing for race dates and info.

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