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Any canadians riding yet!?

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Just curious who took their bikes out?! i might be taking it out sunday & monday!! :hooray::celebrate::icon_biker:
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haha victoria Bc i ride all year round
I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!! Went out today for the first time this year. Great day, roads were clear. Did about 100 klms. It's great to be on 2 wheels again :cool2:
Where abouts in Toronto do you usually ride?
Usually north of Toronto. Try not to ride in the city if I can help it. My 675R is track bike only. Ride K1300S or (soon to arrive) S1000R on the road.
Where abouts? I am in Richmond Hill and often in Barrie as well :)
Cool. Usually make our way up to Airport and 9 for a coffee at Tims, then Forks of the Credit, then Hockley Road ... or the other way around!!! Other times head straight north on Keele and ride between Vaughan and Barrie on the back roads
Perfect. You are most welcome to join us :thumbup:
It does KILL ME!!! This winter has been tough. I feel like Spring is a month behind
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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