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Any canadians riding yet!?

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Just curious who took their bikes out?! i might be taking it out sunday & monday!! :hooray::celebrate::icon_biker:
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I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!! Went out today for the first time this year. Great day, roads were clear. Did about 100 klms. It's great to be on 2 wheels again :cool2:
Where abouts in Toronto do you usually ride?
Usually north of Toronto. Try not to ride in the city if I can help it. My 675R is track bike only. Ride K1300S or (soon to arrive) S1000R on the road.
Where abouts? I am in Richmond Hill and often in Barrie as well :)
Once the weather warms up, hopefully soon...maybe I will join you guys sometimes.
I've been riding since Feb... except I'm a Canadian living in North Carolina, so that seems unfair.
Nice way to rub it in :)
I'm with you here. Couldn't possibly live in a climate where I couldn't ride 365 days a year. I think seeing the bike sitting idle for months at a time would kill me.

Trust me, it is VERY sad to see the bike sit in the garage half the year. Sometimes in the winter I remove the cover just to take a peek :)
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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