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Alpinestars Tech Aero Motorcycle Backpack

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Versatility for the road, that's what you get when you pack up an Alpinestars Tech Aero backpack. The bag is specifically built for the road-going rider. In this way, you can haul all of your accoutrements; laptop, change of clothes, books &etc. in a comfortable manner, at any speed.

Starting with sizing, the adaptable bag can be configured in either, a 16 liter or 26 liter size with the pull of a zipper. Space won't be an issue with a large loadout, and items inside won't flop about when you're packing a load that's on the near side of lithe. Purpose-made pockets adorn this bag, too - a laptop sleeve can be found inside that also includes a separate pocket for the power cable making for a tidy arrangement, and of course, preventing the more expensive things from clamoring about on, or off the bike. Higher up, on the outside of the bag you'll find the goggles/glasses pouch which is fitted with a soft lining to protect your shades.

For those of you that don't like to leave your helmet with the bike, a built-in helmet carrier is fitted as standard. Simply unzip the compartment, put your helmet in its place, close the anchors and head out on foot. Even with the helmet attached and a full loadout, the bag stays comfortably in place on your back thanks to the well thought-out shoulder straps, waist and chest straps. All of which are adjustable for a perfect fit. The shoulder straps are large swathes, especially up top and include a bag carrying handle that provides a balanced carry when the bag is off your back. You'll also notice zippered pockets on either side of the waist strap: keys, a mobile phone, earplugs and other small items go here.

There's even room, and conduit - for the installation of an optional hydration pack. For long distance, or hot-weather riders, having some fluid ready at hand is a really nice touch! And speaking of fluids, the entire bag is built using a 600/1200 denier coated poly fabric that's water resistant. For a drizzling rain, it's sufficient for keeping everything inside dry. And for the heavier weather, a built-in rain cover is fitted at the bottom of the bag to cover the whole plot, helmet or not, quickly and easily.

These features are all built into a bag that's comfortable for the everyday rider. Once the straps are adjusted correctly, it stays put and won't wallow in the wind. This feature alone reduces rider fatigue. That, and its ability to carry a load balanced perfectly on your back is a nice touch!

These bags are not available on our website.

Order yours by calling TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a note to [email protected] with ALPINESTARS TECH AERO BACKPACK in the subject line, or just shoot us a PM and we'll get back to you right away.


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The Tech Aero Backpack has been a favorite here at the shop for going on a decade. The pack is super versatile and my favorite feature is the the built in rain cover. Call 866-931-6644 to order today!


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