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A reliable, fully-functional, all-season motorcycle jacket is rare, at least - one that's comfortable is. Alpinestars answers the call with a Gore-Tex motorcycle jacket in the form of the Frontier. This highly versatile textile motorcycle jacket can be easily configured to deal with almost any weather condition - from freezing, sideways wind and rain to a hot summer breeze, quickly and easily. The jacket manages this in a three-in-one format with an outer waterproof Gore-Tex shell that includes CE-certified armor in the elbows and shoulders. There's also PE padding in the chest, which can be upgraded with Alpinestars' own Bionic Chest Protectors if you wish. Going one step deeper, you will find yet another Gore-Tex garment with the inner jacket. Finally, a quilted liner attaches to this allowing the rider the ability to deal with a very wide range of conditions. The jacket has what best could be described as roller doors to aid in ventilation - two at the front on the chest and a single large one on the back. Unzipping these makes a significant difference in terms of cooling capacity.

The exterior shell is made with a non-water absorbing micro twill fabric that won't become heavy with the rain. Elbows and shoulders are covered on the outside with an exceptionally abrasion resistant material to withstand coming apart while still allowing plenty of flexibility. Most users will notice that, despite the jacket's many layers of fabric and ample protection, it could hardly be referred to as bulky as it allows nearly uninhibited movement.

Alpinestars Frontier Jackets are designed to be used in almost any weather situation. For more information - call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 or you can send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with ALPINESTARS FRONTIER JACKET in the subject line and he'll get back to you right away.

The Alpinestars Frontier waterproof jacket is available in black with high-visibility yellow patches (shown) or solid black.

A two-stage system prevents wind and water intrusion with the Gore-Tex inner liner installed. The vest pocket's presence is betrayed by the red zipper.

The Gore-Tex liner without the jacket - there's even a quilted zip-out liner under this shell!

Just because there's loads of insulation, doesn't mean this jacket won't cut it in the summer. Two large vents on the front of the jacket along with intakes below the grayish parts of the front, keep you cool when the sun is out in force. The material that's used to cover these vents is easily secreted behind a purpose-made pocket at the bottom of each of the openings. The vent cover on the right of the photo has been stowed out of sight while the one on the left can be seen here.

The back of the jacket also has a massive zip-operated opening to exhaust hot air. The panel is shown here between the gray material running vertically just inside each arm. Similar to the front intakes, the material covering the vent is easily packed away when opened. The only disadvantage to this design is that you must stop and remove the jacket to open/close the vents.

Armor covers the shoulders and elbows with highly abrasion-resistant material used in these areas.

Keeping out the cold is a non-issue with this jacket. Even the forearms have drawstrings to cinch away excess material. As you can see, everything else about this jacket is top-notch!
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