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Any help woutl be greatly appreciated:

What Happened:
The front wheel locked up and I flipped the bike on turn 8 off the curb at Barbers.

The damage:
This shattered the front aluminum subframe in the cockpit snapping off the instrument cluster cracking the fairing, bent the left clutch, snapped the link rod to the woodcraft clutch rearset but the rear set was intact. When it hit the rear it bent and twisted the rear subframe and of course broke the fairing. The tumble snapped the stop on the frame to prevent the handle bars from hitting the tank and did some internal damge to the GPR steering Damper so that the handle bars still stop when turned right even with out the stop but crash into the tank when turned left.

This is the problem:
When I tried to tun the bik eon nothing happened.
Once I had her home I plugged in the instument cluster and turned on teh ignition. The instument cluster lights up The middle relay clicks two sets of three clicks the panel dims, no gear selection is visible. No ignition and no starter pump. If I try turning it off the instrument panel returns to full brightness for a second then goes off. If I turn the key on again teh panel stays dima nd the relay does not click. It has to sit for some tim efor the clcking and illunation to start over.
I cannot see any damage to fuses, relays, clutch switch or fall switch.

Anybody have a clue where I can start?
Thanks in advance.
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