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A wind battered Donington Race Review

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A wind battered Donington park played host to the 4th round of the British supersport championship. As the bikes lined up on the grid there was no sign of the strong gusty wind dieing down for even an instant. As the bikes rolled up to the grid, Andrew Pitt sat on pole aboard his Ten Kate Hnnspree Honda more used to the world supersport stage than this national championship. His teammate Jonathan Rea lined up next to him in second place. An impressive performance from the MAP Embassy Triumph rider, Glen Richards put him just one tenth of a second behind Rea to take third spot for what will be a thrilling rollercoaster ride over the next 18laps around the fast, flowing and technical Donington park GP circuit.

As the lights go green the pack launches towards Redgate for the first time. Rea lead the way followed by his teammate Pitt. Richards dropped one spot to Kennaugh off the start to just steal it back one corner later. And the through the Esses he pushed past Pitt into second for Pitt to slide past on the power. Ian Lowry pushing his way up the pack into 4th across the line for the fist time.

Into the foggy Esses Pitt pushes his team mate wide on the brakes to take the lead, with glen Richards and Ian Lowrey following closely.

Lap 3 Pitt looses time coming out of the Esses dropping to fourth, with Rea leading, Lowry second, Richards third. All within a second of each other as they cross the line.
Paul young sat in 11th, Walter 25th Fagin 29th

Again into the Esses Lowry goes up the inside of his fellow Irishman Rea on the brakes, at the same time Pitt moves past Richards into third. With rain spotting at Goddards the leaders will be the first to find out if the surface is slippery with the fantastic pace they are all setting.

Pushing hard into the Esses on lap 5Lowry went wide, losing first, trying to get it back on the exit he just slid the rear a little too much loosing out to Pitt and Richards dropping to fourth in just two corners. With gentle rain still falling is this affecting levels of grip?

As the pack settled down for a lap they stood, Pitt, Rea +0.25, Richards +0.67 Lowry +1.0. With Brogan, Praia Kennaugh, Martin and Fitzpatric make up the trailing pack.

Lap 8 Rea slid up the inside of Pitt with a hairy move up the inside through the fast Hollywood curve. Pitt took the lead back through McLeans with Lowry taking Richards at the same time. Coming across the line Rea took Pitt on the power heading onto the straight. Rea showing all behind him how to slide the rear or the Ten Kate tuned Honda at every opportunity.

Again into the Esses Lowry slides nice and cleanly up the inside of Pitt on the brakes. A fantastic show of bike control when on the edge. Only to loose second place to Pitt with another clean move up the inside of Readgate. This is an exhibition on how to ride a top-flight motorcycle race.

Over the next 4 laps Rea maintained his lead, giving him chance to pull out 1.4 seconds on his team mate Pitt, with Lowry another 0.6 s behind. Glen Richards has also dropped back, still in 4th place but two seconds off Lowry. Brogan sitting very much on his own 3.7seconds off Richards in front, with another two seconds behind him before WSS rider Praia.

Heading into the final lap, Rea still leads with 6seconds on his team mate, Pitt. With a further 1.5 seconds to Lowry and Richards a lowly 9 seconds further down the road. Praia slid past Brogan as he slipped wide on the final corner.

Rea takes the win, Pitt seconds, Lowrey third. With 4th to Glen Richards on his MAP Embassy Triumph.

1. Rea, Honda. 28.40.112
2. Pitt, Honda. +4.132
3. Lowry, Suzuki, +7.399
4. Richards, Triumph. +10.358

9. Frost, Triumph. +27.107
11. Young, Triumph. +35.655
25. Walter, Triumph. +1.06.018
27. Fagin, Triumph. +1.14.334
31. Wade, Triumph. +1.35.697
33. Tempest, Triumph +1.36.477
34. Hallett, Triumph + 1lap

Dye, DNF, lap 7
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