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675s in the Qatar Desert

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With triumphs lining up on the first world supersport grid of the year in 7th 8th 11th and 29th with excellent showings from both the SC and Italia BE1 outfits.
Garry McCoy was leading the way for the triumphs parking his bike 7th on the grid just 0.8 seconds behind the pole man Fabien Foret.

As they lined up in the bright light of Losail in the Qutar desert, 36 bikes glistened awaiting the green light.

After a fraught start seeing a breakdown and a crash after just two corners, McCoy settled into 10th position halfway though the lap. Craig Jones and Foret are fighting for the lead swapping position time and again.

McCoy crossed the line in 9th for the first time, with Aitchison pushing close behind in 10th.

Second lap Johnathan Rea highsides in spectacular fashion taking out his team mate Andrew Pit demolishing both Hanspree Hondas. In the chaos Gary McCoy jumped to 5th place.

After four laps there was a strong showing from the 675’s with McCoy sitting in 6th place just 3.8seconds behind runaway leader Foret. Aitchison was fighting hard in 8th place just two more seconds behind McCoy.

McCoy not happy to settle in on his Daytona 675 was fighting constantly with Brookes on his Honda CBR600RR. On lap 5 McCoy got the better of Brookes to gain 5th place, but lap 6 saw an uncharacteristic error dropping him to 7th with Aitchison following closely. Pushing hard Aichinson couldn’t hold it sliding off into the desert gravel. Leaving McCoy in 7th and Clementi in a promising 12th. Dionisi was also putting in a strong performance with 22nd place at the halfway stage.

Lap seven and McCoy retires to the pits with technical issue. Leaving Clementi as the top triumph in 11th position. Clementi had managed to pull out a three second gap from 12th but had also dropped two seconds from the British legend Chris Walker in 10th.

As the race progressed Clementi began to loose ground to Vixxiello and Leblanc dropping to 13th heading into the last lap.
During the last lap Foret was leading by some margin when he sat up mid corner and slowed dramatically. It appeared that the Yamaha R6 had run out of fuel just half a lap from the chequered flag. A three was dash for the line ensued with Parkes pulling out from the slipstream taking the flag from Lascorz just meters from the line. Brittan’s Craig Jones was close third less than a second off first place.

The triumphs of Clementi and Didnisi came home a fantastic 12th and 21st respectively. The 4 points for Clementi placed triumph in 5th place in the manufactures championships.
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I think we all need to continue holding our breath... To me, the debut race was a big disappointment. As of now, Triumph is last in the Manufacturer's cup... Not something to be all that proud about...

But it was just the first race of many, and hopefully things will go better as time marches on... McCoy was impressive during his short stint. But in the end, most of our bikes retired, and only one finished in the points, but outside the top 10.

Compare that with the debut of the 1098's, the only other new, extra cc'd and extra weighted-down bike relative to its competition, and the 675's debut seems far less impressive right now. I feel we have some growing pains to sit through before we can really get excited.

Too bad, I was hoping to see them hit the podium right out the gate... Guess we'll just have to tune in to the next race. I'm still rooting for the 675s in Supersport! :whistle:
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I have to say, anybody who is disapointed that the 675 was not on the podium really needs a reality check.
Umm, why? Stranger things have happened:
Biaggi winning his first ever superbike race last year at Qatar, after a year off bikes and totally green on an inline four...

Rossi winning his first ever race on a Yamaha

Bayliss winning his first ever MotoGP race as a wildcard at the 2006 season finale.

Fonsi Nieto beating three 1098s piloted by MotoGP legends, this past weekend in superbike.

Anything could have happened, and the 675 on the podium would surely have been :cool2:
Guys, my point simply was that with an ex-MotoGP star like McCoy on the 675 there are high hope here for the 675 performance... But he pitted for the race, even though he was well into the top 10 during his few laps... What if he had finished???

The other 675 riders, who are they? McCoy will be the only serious high placing finisher on the 675 this season that you can bet on. Also, the 675 is not a new bike anymore, and with experience already in British Supersport and the Triumph Triple Challenge, is it really too much to expect that it will be able to make 18 laps in a race at this point?

I don't know why McCoy and most of the others pitted (yet) but certainly thought more would finish and especially hoped McCoy would have finished (and stayed somewhere in the top 10). But that didn't happen and so, I as a 675 owner was disappointed in race #1 of the season.

Maybe it's because all my riding buddies ride Ducati, and I have to hear about how great Ducati is all the time, especially right now with Casey Stoner as the World Champ, and the 1098's recent performances, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, at least now the 675 can be considered the Underdog in World Supersport.
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