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This has been a long time coming guys. It is finally done and I could not be happier with the results. Will try to keep it short so here goes

Mod list
- Bodis headers
- SC Project CR-T Muffler and Link pipe
- K&N Air Filter
- Venturi Velocity Stacks
- Power Commander V + Dyno Tune
- Supersprox 520 Conversion Kit
+ Stealth rear sprocket
+ RK gold chain
+ Stock gearing (15/47)
- APE Manual Cam chain tensioner
- Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires


Venturi velocity stacks

Bodis Headers

Stock Headers

SC Project Titanium CR-T Muffler + link pipe

Stock Muffler

Exhaust Fully Installed

Sound clip and dyno runs. There is no video that will do this thing justice. It sounds like a beast and 10 times louder and meaner than what you hear on video. Earphones help.
It idles with the same deep rumble as my friend's ZX10R with the same CR-T muffler.

First startup

Final dyno graph

Finished bike

Weight saving:

Haven't gotten around to weighing the sprockets and chain yet. Will get that soon.
Not much saving though. Main difference in exhaust. The stock headers alone weigh more than the entire aftermarket exhaust.

Lessons Learned?
It is a tough and tedious job. Not because of inherent difficulty but because of unpredictable mishaps, each of which can set you back hours or days, not to mention extra cost.

1- The first problem I encountered was the front sprocket, got the wrong number of teeth because of SuperSprox's poorly updated database (Check it out here). That added a whole day and 150$ to the project

2- Second problem was a weird coolant leak from the lower coolant hose that turned out to be caused by the proximity of the hose to the red hot headers during tuning. The hose almost burst. I had to get that replaced and heat shielded (Check it out here) Obviously this added a 2-3 hour coolant replacement job, as well as an extra 100 bucks.

This was not easy because the triumph dealer in my country is permanently closed. So no way to find parts. I had to get a similar hose from kawasaki and cut it to size.

3- HP Gains
This was a satisfactory gain and nearly what I was hoping for before I started this project. I was battling with the ideas of either doing this upgrade or just trading the Daytona in for a liter bike. I'm glad I went this way.

Stock max HP: 111.2
Increased to 120.1

But this is not the max gain. If you look at the top of the rev range it's more like +12hp, and there's a solid +5 or more hp gained all over from 9-10 K all the way up to redline. Same goes for torque.
I'm very happy with these results.
All tuning done on a used up tire
We also noticed that she likes to run a little rich up top. Aiming for 13.1 AFR lost 1.3 hp compared to a 12.8-12.9 or so.
Did NOT lose any midrange power or torque which is an achievement. This is probably the benefit of the velocity stacks and I'm very happy to have ordered them.

The bike feels like a whole new bike. There's no comparing it to stock, be it in terms of power, sound, throttle response, smoothness of power delivery.
Still have a very slight sputter on 3k rpm and 5-10% throttle. Will get that fixed up soon. Otherwise it is sheer perfection.
Power wheelie in second gear at 11rpm is now a thing.

Well I guess this is it for now.
Please let me know what you guys think.
Any comments or remarks?
Could we have done better?

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That's wicked! Do you still have the o2 sensor and what about the exup valve (do you need a servo buddy or something)? I want to purchase it and get it tuned but want to know the whats required to fit the bodis headers. Hope you can help?

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That thread is from 2019. But to answer your question I have Bodis headers with a servo buddy, o2 eliminator, race air filter with a custom Dyno tune.
Cheers for the info. Any chance you have (or know if anyone) had the Arrow slip on with Bodis headers? Interested to know how it'd sound. Also I just want to clarify my thinking is correct if you can help me..
1. The servo buddy is for the exup valve removal (due to the header replacement or is the exup in the arrow end can)?
2. Do you need the o2 eliminator? I read there's a slot for it on the Bodis headers?
Thanks in advance!
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