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First I need to say sorry if some of this is iPad is shit.
Second I wasn't sure where to post this but what the hell this will do.

Finally thirdly, I want to post how I feel about this bike on race tracks and some street ridding.

I have only ridden this bike on two tracks so far but planned on more but my track friends are not living up to their end. I did Palmer "Whiskey Hill" and NYST.

I will first talk about the bike at speed and then I'll post my mods and how they have worked for me.

Here we go at Palmer. This track for me is 3rd gear 2.5 miles 1min46seconds not pushing. I will explain my love for this track ridding my girl.
Turn 1 going into it my speedo has read 155mph I know it's not correct but is close anyway. I blow past liter bikes out of corner and then around going into one.I only use the front brake here. The pull is tight and scrubs speed off with no issues at all. I down shift to 3rd and the clutch is as good as anything I have used. More on this later.
My forks compress she holds a line perfect and I know I can go deeper if I wanted to. I let the lever off as quick as I can to make my approach to 1 with as much speed I can carry. Turn in is great you can make any turn at any speed. She inspires you to go fast.
Tip in is not a problem I never do anything except go where I want with any settings.
MID CORNER this is her problem. Feeling is vague, numb, she has issues caring speed mid corner. I have no confidence pushing and lose a lot of time with her *****y mood here.
This bike sings such a sweet note as long as you are above 7K rolling on is better than any bike out there. The toque will pull out of a corner hard and predictable. She is so on line anywhere I point her.

I use the rear brake with the ABS set to CIR and it is fantastic. Turn 3 is fast left side turn in up hill right CorckScrew. I come in 3rd gear 13,500. I stomp the rear down shift and pull the front. The rear slides ahead of my front and increase my time because of angle of apex, plus it's fantastic the feeling is euphoria sliding her. Never did she feel out of control.
I hope I'm not boring anyone I'm not very good putting words to type. I have some more I can add if anyone is still interested just ask.

Here are my mods...
Riser bars from Woodcraft. I'm old and feel better on the street, for the track I lower them on the fork and are great.

PFC front pads with a real good fluid flush that is needed because factory has air in the lines. The pads work fantastic I only use them plus they are easy on rotors.

Stock tires are good but not race DOT's I use SC1 great but my rear is spent after a day I run 33.5 psi in the rear and 32 front. Yes it's very high but still work and lessen the tearing.

Driven Rearsets, feel like stock but I need GP shift and stock won't work for that. The last track day I had I snapped the pice that holds the rod to my toe shifter and ended my day luckily it was the last session.

160mm fork air gap feels good softened the front feel makes me break smother and get off them early. I do this to get feedback and feeling on the front. I almost never trail brake. Mid corner feel is non existing on her.

TRS linkage this is the biggest improvement I have had with her. She feels better on corner entrance and exit. When I say big improvement it is but is a small feeling it is not a night and day type of change.

Slipon map feels better roll on but runs shitty below 5k especially when cold.

I might be forgetting things and will update when I have time. So probably sometime next year.

I can't wait for 2018 spring to unleash her again

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Thanks for sharing your impressions. For the mid-corner vagueness/numbness, I'd look into the attack rear link from TJ at riders discount. A member did a great write up on what changes he felt and it sounds like it will help.

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The rear end is not the issue its the front to be more specific it's the rake. I have TRS rear link that is similar to Attack. The reason I use TRS is I got them from a member here. Attack triples will help out the problem from feel. I'm posting this from a bike prospective not a modding aspect. This bike stock off the floor is a fantastic package and very competitive.

When I push the bike to its limits and I have the front will tuck with no warning. I washed out the front in a fast 3rd gear uphill turn dragging my peg full lean. The tire folded no warning no feeling. I was able to push it up with my knee to save it. I love the bike the weight is good. Quick transition, flick ability, and grunt for a middle weight. It feels like a twin with a quick hp pull.
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