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2011 Rider ID Card and Membership registration information!
The moment we have all been waiting for is finely upon us!
TrackTactics season 2011 has begun, and with this new beginning all TrackTactics Rider ID Card's must be renewed. In order to officially renew your Rider ID Card you will need to do so in our shopping cart. Login and choose the Rider ID Card renewal product and add it to the cart. If any of your information has changed then please include those changes in the notes field so that we can update your 2011 card accordingly. The renewal process will start on Jan 17th You will receive your new card at your first TrackTactics event, as we will have all attendees renewed cards on hand at all of our events for the 2011 season. Please remember to bring last year's ID card so that we can make a complete exchange.

The requirements for the new Rider ID Card have changed since last year. You are no longer required to provide a hard copy of your personal ID card or medical insurance card. However, you will be required to show this information at your first track day registration in order to receive your 2011 TrackTactics Rider ID Card. TrackTactics still requires that you have or obtain medical insurance.

TrackTactics currently have 19 events on the calendar and more dates will be added to the 2011 calendar as soon as they are officially confirmed. All prices will be announced at a later time.

The concept for our track days remains the same for 2011. We are still offering our great beginner program with all its benefits. The names for our groups will be changed along with the sponsors for 2011.

Here is an article from the Motorcyclist Magazine written about TrackTactics and will give you an idea how our days are.

For more information please visit our forum

Best wishes

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