I'm the original owner of this 2011 Daytona. It's my third, after having two earlier yellow Daytonas stolen off the street in New York City.

The bike is in Atlanta. I moved here in 2019. The bike has been in my driveway, always stored covered. It was garaged in New York City when I wasn't riding it. Stll, it did get knocked over a few times while parked on the street. Life in Manhattan.

I've only done one track day with this bike. The tires are fairly new, put on after my one track day. I'd say they have no more than 2,000 miles on them. I changed the oil about 100 miles ago.

The body work is scuffed in some areas. Back in 2011 I grabbed too much front brake and high sided in New York City. I was doing less than 20 mph. The fairing surround is cracked, and my mechanic taped it up as shown, and the tape is still on there all these years later.

In 2016 I parked on a friend's driveway and the bike tipped over and slid down a hill about 10 feet, causing more scuffs and snapping the mirrors off, which I replaced of course.

The right peg has a bit of the end broken off, but not enough to affect riding, so I never replaced it.

The seats have weird little whitish spots on them that won't come off. Not sure what caused that exactly.

Other than that, she's in really good shape. I touched up a lot of the scratches with official Triumph paint, but I never got around to buffing it. It actually looks better in person than in the close-up pictures.

It has a Shorai battery. I also have the Shorai charger, which will be included in the sale. The seat in the pictures is the factory gel seat. The stock seat is included in the sale.

Also included in the sale:
The original factory turn signals, original factory levers. I had replaced the lights with flush mounts, and the levers with gold Pazzos. I have the Triumph touch-up paint, and I think there's a also bottle of clear coat, I have to look in the box. Also a new K&N TB-6706 air filter still in the box. And a set of EBC FA491HH Double-H Sintered Front Brake Pads. I took the passenger pegs off but they'll be included too. Also, I changed out the rear light with integrated turn signals, but I saved the original and that's included of course. I also have the throttle tube from a Tiger, which fits and has a larger barrel so the throttle response is faster, but I never got around to putting it on.

Why I am I selling it: My wife hates me being on a motorcycle. I bought a car in April, and the deal was that I sell the bike. I've been procrastinating because I love this bike, but a deal's a deal.