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After a decade of joy I'm selling my Daytona. Riding less and less and it deserves a more active home now.

~24,000 miles in beautiful rare Caspian Blue with gold wheels. Aside from the expected wear and tear, I'd say it's in pretty good condition. Always stored inside and washed/waxed/clayed pretty regularly.


Additional glamour shots in this album:

A few videos of ride-by/exhaust, odometer, etc. on YouTube:

I'm the original owner from 7 miles on the odo, clean title in hand along with owners manual/docs, both keys, and service manual. Oil has been changed with Motul 300V every 3k miles or so. I did the major service (valves etc.) at both 12k and 24k miles (and had the fork oil changed at 24k as well). Album B (link below) has a few photos from the 24k service if you're curious what it entails. The R/R was replaced at Rocket during the recall.

Additional mods:
• HID retrofit on the low beam (4300K bulb)
• Zero Gravity SR smoked windscreen (standard height; have the original clear one too)
• LED front running lights and rear turn signals
• Michelin Pilot Power front / Micheline Pilot Road 2 rear
• Two Brother M5 stainless steel slip-on (ECU is flashed with the TOR slip-on map and intake flapper disabled, will include a USB->OBD cable for TuneECU if needed)
• Pazzo shorty levers (black with gold adjusters)
• Motovation frame sliders
• Woodcraft swingarm sliders/spools
• TechSpec tank grips
• 1050 throttle tube
• Shorai lithium battery

Various disclaimers:
It's been down at single-digit speeds twice (hence the rash on the engine and clutch covers), and has unfortunately also had misaligned rear stand slips twice (hence the touched-up swingarm scratches).
I had to repaint two small sections of the left side (a section maybe 4"x1" behind the left headlight, and a square inch section on the tail). Alas the paint I got from Color Rite ended up being super blobby and despite my best efforts you can see the touched up sections depending on the angle you're looking.
Finally, a little scuff on the clutch-side grip.
I tried to capture all of these at the worst angles in album B:

I also have Pit Bull stands that are negotiable if desired. Rear: spooled forward handle (single arm); front: removable handle hybrid (triple lift or forklift; has the pin for the Daytona's triple tree)


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Sadly (for my psyche) but gladly (for my wallet)- SOLD
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