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Decided the middle of last track season to make my bike a dedicated track machine and am just now getting around to posting my unneeded street parts for sale. All parts are listed including shipping in the USA (unless indicated, for large items). Shipping will be via USPS Priority with tracking and insured for items over $100 or should the buyer request it. Prices are fair but negotiable, so feel free to make offers but please don't low-ball. I can also do discounted pricing if you purchase multiple items. I accept PayPal as a gift or add (2.9% + $0.30) on buyer's end to cover fees (prices listed in parentheses). I can also do local deals for cash and a shipping discount to Northern & upper Central Jersey or trackside at TPM and some ACE events.

I don't get a chance to get on here as often as I used to, so PM/ email is the best way to reach me.

Thanks for looking,

Gel Rider's Seat SOLD
Passenger Pegs w/ bolts SOLD
Left Hand Controls SOLD
Seat Cowl SOLD
Zero Gravity Light Smoke Double Bubble SOLD
Timing Cover SOLD
GB Racing Timing Cover SOLD
GSG Fork Slider SOLD
LHS & RHS mirrors SOLD
Stock Clip-ons, bar ends & internals SOLD
Front Brake Reservoir Mount SOLD
1050 Throttle Tube, no grip SOLD
Tail Fairing SOLD

License Plate Bracket Bolts $6 ($6.49)

Plastic Fairing Screws $6 ($6.49)

2010 Stock Fork Internals (0.90kg/mm springs, valves, shims, spacers) $125 ($129.04)

Stock Rear Linkage Plates $20 ($20.91)

RH Heel Guard $10 ($10.61)
Fork Dust Guards $6 ($6.49)
Intake Flap $15 ($15.76)
Vacuum Diaphragm $15 ($15.76)
Vacuum Reservoir $15 ($15.76)
Rear Axle w/ spacers $40 ($41.50)
Stock Air Filter (4k-5k miles) $15 ($15.76)
Stock Muffler $50+shipping
Stock Headers $120 ($123.89)
Exhaust Bracket $6 ($6.49)
Stock Steering Damper SOLD
License Plate Reflector SOLD
Front Reflectors/ Spacers SOLD

SAI System $35 ($36.35)
Front Fender $140 ($144.49)
Turn Signals SOLD
License Plate Light SOLD
Fender Turn Signals SAI.jpg

Stock Throttle Cables w/ Perch & Stock Throttle Tube, stock grip $40 ($41.50)

Left Fairing $350+shipping
IMG_0113.jpg IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0121.jpg

Right Fairing $275+shipping
Lower Triangle $15 ($15.76)
Passenger Seat (never used) SOLD
Proton Turn Signals SOLD
Cockpit Infills SOLD
IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0129.jpg IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0134.jpg

Headlights (5000K, 35W low beam, PIAA high beam) $225 + shipping
Nose Fairing SOLD
IMG_0143.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0150.jpg DSC01903.jpg DSC01906.jpg DSC01908.jpg

None of the tabs or mounting points on the fairings are damaged or missing, just the minor scuffing I tried to show in the pics.


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Interested in right side oem crank cover. - Is that what I see in pic?
correct, sir... just the metal cover and not the delran plastic GB Racing cover?

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