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2010 Bike of the Year​

The voting was extremely close on this one. For most of the time we were tied dead between four different bikes. But as the voting wound down, one clear winner emerged. Christophe has done an amazing job with this bike and has obviously put his heart and soul (and wallet) into this thing. With pleasure, I proudly present your 2010 Bike of the Year!

Username: Toufou154
Name: Christophe Poujhon
Age: 31
Country: France

- 2007 Daytona 675
- BODIS exhaust
- BERINGER front rotors
- wave rear rotor
- satin black wheels
- HYPERPO steering dampers
- RIZOMA grip
- RIZOMA bra ends
- SYNTO brake and clutch lever
- ARROW rearset
- SUPERSPROX sprocket
- VALTER MOTO gold fork preload adjuster
- VALTER MOTO anodised top yoke nut gold
- TRIUMPH anodised brake rear and front reservoir
- smoked tail light
- SSR black fuel cap
- black painted headlight
- black clamp
- homemade carbon fiber mirrors
- homemade carbon fiber subframe
- homemade carbon fiber rear hugger
- homemade carnon fiber sprocket cover
- homemade carbon fiber overflow bottle tank
- homemade carbon fiber dash panels fairing cover
- homemade carbon fiber air intake
- homemade carbon fiber lights cover
- homemade carbon fiber front mudguard
- homemade carbon fiber infill radiatotor lower
- homemade carbon fiber right and left hand switch
- carbon fiber frame guards
- homemade carbon fiber side panels
- homemade carbon fiber modified solo tail
- smoke windscreem
- black swingarm spools
- black kickstand
- gold windscreem bolts

TouFou's BOTM Thread


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Was gonna vote, but got distracted. I was going to vote for this one anyway... the universe works in mysterious ways :laugh:

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Was gonna vote, but got distracted. I was going to vote for this one anyway... the universe works in mysterious ways :laugh:
That's good. I kinda wanted it to go a bit longer because he was still tied with Nibiker as of last night. I got a few votes while I was sleeping and it put TouFou in the lead. I didn't want to have to be the tie-breaker unless necessary. But it worked itself out. Nibiker was in a VERY close second though and he would have deserved the BOTY just as much.

Still though, this Daytona is amazing. Not my favorite color choice, but he made it work. Great job and Congrats to TouFou! :bowdown:

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Awesome job Toufou. Congrats! Especially when you are up against such heavy hitters like RidersDiscount And RubyRacing...

Like I said when I voted (for you), not my personal taste in colour, but great attention to detail and you obviously went above and beyond to make a gorgeous bike.


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Voted for you man, great job! I love your bike. I think the front rotors are what did me in though. Those things are crazy! :laugh:

Awesome paint scheme and excellent photo shoot!

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If I would have been paying attention to this forum over the past month or so and known that BOTM and BOTY were back, you would have gotten my vote!

Congrats on a well deserved honor! Beautiful bike! :notworthy:

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Holy carbon fiber! LOVE the CF on the tank, that looks bad ass. Thats probably my fav part of the whole thing. And I wish Triumph had options for black triple clamps, always wanted to get mine done but I ride to much for it to be out of commision for the time it would take.

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