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2009 wiring diagram

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Who has the wiring diagram of a 2009 Daytona 675?
Thanks :cool:
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I'm looking for something like this for the >2009 model: :)

Please don't post these up on the forum. IF Triumph wanted to, they could make a world of hurt for the forum on copyright infringement.

If you have them and want to give them to any buds, please email them.

Mods (or OP), please remove the image here.
I was going to post up a thread asking for the same thing. I need a wiring diagram for an 09 Street Triple.

Currently confused as to what could be wrong with the bike, but won't be able to diagnose until I can figure out which wires go to what/where....

Please post up or PM if you have/know where I can get a copy. Thanks.

Unless one of you guys has any idea of what it could be... Bike ran flawlessly for my ride up to my friends, then I go to turn it on I got nothing. No power to the guage cluster or headlights. Checked all the fuses(main and under the tank). Checked connections I could at the moment everything seems okay. It's not the battery as the turn signals, brake lights and horn all function properly. Tried pop starting it, but to no avail.

Did I miss any other simple checks? Any help is appreciated.
kill switch?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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