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Hello all! I am a student working on an engine project in Europe. I'd love to share details on the project but right now I do not have permission to do so. For this project I need to make a full CAD design of the radiator we are using, which is the 2008-2012 OEM 675 (non triple) radiator, however we currently do not have one on hand and it is too early in our project timeline to buy one. Could anybody help me out and please post the full measurements of the specified radiator: the flat length, the curved length, the height without the radiator cap and the length of the radiator cap itself, the diameter of the cooling fan on the back, and the height of the fan. Thank you so much for reading and I hope someone can help me out!

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Hi! These are by no means exact (especially being stamped pieces that have been used and abused), but should be pretty close to get you started. I labeled the measurements on the images (I know the red is difficult to read, but it took me so long to do the first time I figured you could just squint a little).

A: 60mm
B: 26.84mm
C: 44.35mm
D: 39.50mm
E: 385mm
F: 47.35mm
G: 73.76mm
H: 17.60mm
I: 35mm
J: 62mm
K: 26mm
L: 29mm
M: 5.00mm
N: 235mm
O: 295mm
P: 5.00mm
Q: 170mm

I did not measure the angle for the radiator fill, but you can figure that out with measurements G and J+H (the fill tube is in the same plane as end tank, so should just be one unique angle if you model it using top corner of end tank as your datum).

Note that the radiator does not actually begin to curve until about 130mm from each end.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Out of curiosity, are you just using this for packaging, or do you plan to eventually perform some fluid/thermal analysis?

P.S. This is my first time trying to upload images, so let me know if it doesn't work.

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