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New member here..

I recently found a 2008 675 Daytona that was in a wreck. the front is all messed up (forks,wheel,frame, bars) I'm thinking about sourcing a frame and starting the rebuild process. I would just like to hear it run before I start dropping $ on parts. It did not come with a gauge cluster or ignition key. the bottom of the ignition is out and I can see the contact board. Would it be possible to jumper a couple of those wires to get it started? or will it not even start without a gauge cluster.

I'm on the fence about taking on this project. but I thought if I could hear it run it might sway me. I was told it has 8000 miles on it. what's not damaged looks good. I was thinking I'd build the bike Daytona in the rear with the triple front (lights and no fairings.)

Even if I don't take on this rebuild I'd like to hear the bike run so that I could part it out and buy a running bike next spring. (Triumph)
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