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2007 TR 675. $5500 firm! 1979 kz650 $1500obo

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You kan haz TR 675 4 $5500! Weeee! :biggrinjester:

But seriously, I was made an incredible offer on another bike and I need to get this bike out asap. This 675 is in great shape. It has 147XX miles on it. It was dropped once on each side, but all damages were taken care of except a MINOR scratch on the right fairing (as photographed) and my GB racing covers on the right side are rashed a little bit (very minor low side coming out of the garage...stupid wet leaves). Other than that, theres a TINY chip in the paint on the right side of the tank, unrelated to the low side...just discovered it today :notamused:. It recently received its full 3rd service 2 weeks ago. Runs flawlessly! Relatively new tires/EBC pads (about 1500 miles).

Here are some extras: TBR M5 carbon exhaust, GB racing engine cover protectors, zero gravity double bubble wind screen dark tint, Watsen design flush mount blinkers, black ceramic treated heat wrap on midpipe, British-Customs delrin barend sliders, factory rear seat cowl, factory gel seat, custom made lower header grill/protector, brand spankin new red EK 525 chain (thats actually in the mail as Im writing this, I will install it before I sell the bike, unless you dont want it.). Well, Im going to stop rambling. I like to try to tell you guys as much as i can about the bike so theres no misunderstandings.

PM with any questions, concerns, pic requests, etc. I will take paypal, certified checks, or cash. Im willing to let you ship it, but will not make the arrangements myself unless I am paid the cost of shipping. I will go 100 miles for delivery from the zipcode 21037 for an extra $50 (gas money :thumbdown:). Feel free to call me @ 410-212-8571 as well. I dont bite! :whistle:

EDIT: Forgot to add that I have a vintage 1979 Kawasaki KZ650 cafe racer for sale as well. $1500 obo. Runs great, just needs a little love! Exhaust can was not installed on the bike at the time that the pic was taken because I was in the midst of cleaning out the old fiberglass packing.


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hawt kz!
Thanks! Ill have more, fresher, pics of the KZ tomorrow!
Bump! Ive got lots of pics of the KZ and some video. PM if interested :sifone:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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