We have a bike that went down at the track and caught fire briefly. Parting out what is left and some spares...make an offer on anything you need. We are pretty willing to move this stuff cheap just to get it done:

Frame - $100 -clear title - KEEPING
Engine - $700+shipping - 17k miles and running strong until incident - SOLD (buyer backed up) SOLD Again
Throttle Body Assembly - $80+shipping
Right Clip-on (straight) - $30 - SOLD
Left Clip-on (straight) - $30 - has had the internals removed because we had installed a CRG bar end adaptor for a mirror.
Swingarm - $25+shipping - PENDING
Wheels - SOLD
lower triple - $40+shipping
forks - $100+shipping - SOLD
Front brake calipers - $50+shipping - was also in the fire for a bit
Rear caliper, hose & master cylinder - $30+shipping
Instrument Gauge Cluster - $150 shipped - showing 17k+ miles - SOLD
ECU - $75 shipped - SOLD
Ignition Switch - SOLD
Airbox - ???
Spare tank that was repaired & ready for paint - SOLD
Fuel Pump - $100+shipping SOLD
Nearly new subframe - $75+shipping - very slight tweak that could almost go unnoticed.
Pieces of OEM black plastics - CHEAP - random scratches on a few and repairable broken tab on nose piece
-- Front Fender & Tail SOLD
Radiator w/fan - $75+shipping SOLD
OE Headers w/O2 sensor - Want them? - SOLD
Luimoto covered front and rear seats - $70 for both shipped (will sell individually) - probably would clean up nice
Ram Air Snorkel - $75+shipping - SOLD
Kickstand - $10
Front/Rear rearsets - $60+shipping - All 4 - PENDING
Triumph Daytona 675 GB Racing Bullet Crash Sliders - $150 shipped SOLD
Pazzos - $40 shipped for the pair - Clutch side has some damage
let me know if there is any other random bits that you want/need

(*pictures coming soon but you can see the before and after pics in this thread 07 D675 Track Incident - Repair, Sell, or Part Out?)