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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a short highway solution. I kind of like the earmax nose fairing but can’t find where to get it. I saw the PUIG version and it is ok. Again, not sure where to buy accessories for an older 2011 bike. Any other solutions for a small windscreen? I don’t have the fly screen either. I...
  2. Want To Buy
    Hey, there! The other day I walked out to find that the crazy wind had knocked over my baby, shattering the frozen plastic. So I'm looking to buy a black (or otherwise for the right price) seat fairing replacement. Unrelated, but a ride through a construction site has also put me in the market...
  3. Parts
    Is sort of brand new. I am not a big guy, but the stock windscreen provides way to little wind protection, so I bought this Zero Gravity windscreen new, mounted it on my bike and decided that I wanted a smoke screen instead. So it went right back into the bag. It is for all intents and purposes...
  4. Modifications
    Hi All, I'm writing on behalf of my father in law. He just traded in his Suzuki 650 for a 2008 Triumph 675 Street Triple. Besides the obvious reason, it's lighter and at 89 he isn't as strong as he used to be. But one thing he misses is a larger windscreen. Does anyone know of a...
  5. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Does anyone know where I can find info on replacing my stock windscreen? I got my Zero Gravity double bubble today and am looking for instructions on how to remove the original without breaking anything.
1-5 of 5 Results