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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a short highway solution. I kind of like the earmax nose fairing but can’t find where to get it. I saw the PUIG version and it is ok. Again, not sure where to buy accessories for an older 2011 bike. Any other solutions for a small windscreen? I don’t have the fly screen either. I...
  2. Want To Buy
    Hey, there! The other day I walked out to find that the crazy wind had knocked over my baby, shattering the frozen plastic. So I'm looking to buy a black (or otherwise for the right price) seat fairing replacement. Unrelated, but a ride through a construction site has also put me in the market...
  3. Parts
    FS: Puig Dark Smoke Double Bubble Screen 09-12 Have this spare dark smoke DOUBLE BUBBle screen and would rather have some $$ at the moment. Seems light in the picture because of the light source but in reality its pretty dark. Even comes with some super rare EZ pass patches. SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  4. Parts
    Need to clear up some space, so some stuff will need to go. -Parts have between 2.5-3k miles on them. Shipping to lower 48. -OEM Headers: SOLDDDD -OEM Muffler with Cowling 80 picked up -OEM SAI Parts: 50 shipped -OEM Tail Light: 35 shipped -OEM Whale Tail (wires cut for integrated tail) 30...
  5. Parts
    Price $SOLD SOLD SOLD PayPal: [email protected] Location: Williamsburg, VA Good condition, normal swirl marks visible from washes. One section shows a little more scuffing when viewed up close, picture attached tries to show it. Is the screen effective? Yes, it works. Probably as effective...
  6. Parts
    For sale is a lightly used dark smoked windscreen Fits: 06-08 Daytona 675 Great shape, smoked windscreen higher profile then stock. Asking $25 + s/h Willing to throw in a carbon tank protector or rim tape for free to the right buyer. :grin: Pics of install on my bike: PM me if interested!
  7. Parts
    I bought this screen for the 09+ 675 banking on upgrading to a 2009.. deal fell through.. Dark smoked DB screen. Manufacturer: Puig (Its the Real Deal) Fits 2009-2012 Daytona 675 Its new and still in its sealed packaging I paid $110 all in.. I'd be happy to get $70 PM me if interested...
  8. Cosmetic Mods
    Has anyone purchased a blue Zero Gravity windscreen? I like the idea of a blue windscreen for my '11 Caspian Blue Daytona but I'm concerned they will be a totally different shade and may not look right. I'd love to here other opinions or experience with the product. Cheers.
  9. Parts
    bought this used off another forum member last winter to use as a track windscreen. Upgraded to a ZeroGravity screen this winter and no longer need this one. Has a few scuffs, but you can still see through it; makes a great track screen. Asking $30 shipped within the US. I'll post a picture...
  10. Cosmetic Mods
    I'm looking for a new windscreen for street use on my 2011 Daytona. What I want to know is will a higher-than-stock windscreen (e.g. Zero Gravity double-bubble or Corsa) cause more helmet noise by raising the wind blast line too high in normal street riding position (body not tucked)? I'm...
  11. Performance Mods
    So I ordered a zero gravity dark smoke double bubble windscreen for the wrong year daytona. It is for 06-08. I have 2011. So before I ship it back I wanted to see if anyone wanted it. I paid 80$ for it. So I can sell it for that and I will pay to ship.. 06-08 d675 zero gravity double bubble...
  12. Parts
    Is sort of brand new. I am not a big guy, but the stock windscreen provides way to little wind protection, so I bought this Zero Gravity windscreen new, mounted it on my bike and decided that I wanted a smoke screen instead. So it went right back into the bag. It is for all intents and purposes...
  13. Classifieds Graveyard
    Headlights - Currently on ebay (Email me for the link) Ram air duct and the end cap Right side middle fairing with Pearl White Paint (on ebay - email me) Stock windscreen Double bubble dark smoke windscreen Competition Werks Fender Eliminator kit High and Low HID kit - 6000K - With balasts...
  14. Classifieds Graveyard
    I just need a clear windscreen shield. Let me know if you have one. Email me - DON'T PM ME - TheKyleRC(at) Got a gas tank camera mount and need to see through the shield with it. THANKS!
  15. Classifieds Graveyard
    This is the cast aluminum piece that mounts to the intake snorkel and supports the front fairing and windscreen. Aka fairing stay (thanks Cylax). BikeBandit wants $161
  16. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Does anyone know where I can find info on replacing my stock windscreen? I got my Zero Gravity double bubble today and am looking for instructions on how to remove the original without breaking anything.
1-16 of 16 Results