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  1. Parts
    I ran wide during the 3rd session at the track & apparently hit a rock in the runoff area. I didn't notice the problem & rode out the day (4 more sessions). The tire held air & I felt nothing unusual. After I loaded the bike on the trailer, I saw the smile in the lip. One of the pics is of...
  2. Performance Mods
    Hi gang, This is my first post mainly because I have not been able to find this information online (I hope I'm doing this right). I have a 2012 675R for the track only, and I'm looking for a set of gold "Carrozzeria 17" Forged Aluminum wheels V-TRACK". I have been looking everywhere for a set...
  3. Parts
    SOLD!!! F/S Rear Wheel with sprocket, rotor and cush drive SOLD!!! Hey all, I'm planning on buying a set of wheels to use at the track, so I no longer need the spare rear I bought last summer for the same purpose. I bought this off KEGSdale here on the forum and have never used it. I only had...
  4. Parts
    looking to pick up a spare front wheel with rotors for track use. Since it'll be for track only, I don't want it to have any bends or cracks in the lip. I don't care what color or if there are chips in the paint. Post up or PM me if you have a wheel that fits the desired parameters. Thanks all, Tim
  5. Performance Mods
    So I am building a custom street fighter with a daytonA 675 rear swingarm and brake system. It is a small bike that will be setup for cornering so I want narrow wheels and tires. I would like 3.5" front and rear width on my wheels and I like the look of the daytonA wheels. My swingarm won't be...
  6. Classifieds Graveyard
    Bought these to have wheels for the street and be able to run DOT race and slicks for the track. Ended up that I rarely ride on the street so now these are for sale. Also had some extra parts lying around. **Both Wheels: $425 (does not include shipping) SOLD Front Rotors: $75 each with bolts...
  7. Classifieds Graveyard
    WTB the following GSR 600 parts 06/07 calipers 06/07 rotors 06/07 front wheel 06/07 clipons 06/07 front fender Gsxr 1000 Parts 05/06 upper triple 05/06 front fender 05/06 clipons Email pics and offers to [email protected]
1-7 of 7 Results