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  1. Motorcycle Related Videos
    I put together this little edit with some drone footage from our last time out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Let me know what you guys think. :coolgleamA:
  2. News, Announcements, Tests and ride reports
    Couldn't figure out how to embed a video sorry! I've been working hard at making fun videos and I can even see the changes from my first 'introductory' video to present day on how happy I am with this bike! A real progression here. I really didn't know much about it at first and I could tell by...
  3. General 675 discussion
    Has anyone seen anything like this? My track day videos are mostly of my ass and I'd like the camera to be higher so it captures the track ahead of me.
  4. Motorcycle Related Videos
    Hey guys! Though I am not on a Daytona in this video, I have just purchased one for this years race season and hope to make a video of this years racing. This video is from my Canadian club racing on my 04/05 R6 hope you enjoy it!
  5. Track Days
    I'm really excited about this new track and wanted to get a discussion going on it including the basic info. According to their website, they project to be open around the beginning of March 2011. They're branding themselves as a country club for motor sports enthusiasts vs. the old golf club...
  6. Other
    I have a bunch of PS3, PS2 and Wii games for sale. Cheaper than Gamestop! All games in good shape and work fine. Will consider trades. PS3 games: FIFA Soccer 2009-$20 God of War Collection (GOW 1&2) 2 epic games for the price of one-$20 God of War III-$35 Assassin's Creed-$20 Call of Duty...
  7. General 675 discussion
    Video says it all! this new technology is a must for any of you street riders out there! YouTube- Awesome new crash proof motorbike!
  8. Motorcycle Related Videos
    It's been posted before I'd bet, but now the series is finished (9 of 9 episodes). I've got 'em embedded in a blog if that floats your boat: Or you can get to the youtube playlist here: Enjoy!
  9. Motorcycle Related Videos
    My bike is way down on power in this race footage, due to my MAP sensor failing in a qualifying crash. Also had huge trouble getting mid range power with the race parts. Have now ordered the TRACS Management System to hopefull get it sortd. I have 128 hp at the wheel at 12,000 rpm, but only...
  10. Riding Gear
    Did that cover the basics you reckon? Kept it under 5 minutes (with some careful editing).
  11. Trip reports
    Flame away oh 675 bretheren. Either that or be gentle. hehe:thumbsup: To follow my blog tour writeup (text/pictures.. Pretty much same as I did on here a little while ago) My first ever video, trying to make the journey a bit interesting for the viewer.. Boy do I not like looking directly at...
1-11 of 11 Results