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  1. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Hi I have a 2014 street triple r, I was hoping someone can help me figure out what is wrong… I noticed today that when I use the front or rear brake, the light does not get any brighter. Everything else including the turn signals and plate light do work. Does anyone have any idea what might be...
  2. Parts
    Taken from my Facebook ad: Anyone interested in some fancy Nitron parts for a 11+ 675R (parts are from a 2013)? Triples are for the Ohlins forks. I bought a race bike that had the suspension built by Lenny Albin when he worked at Nitron. He is now the top K-Tech guy in the US (switching this...
    $1,500 USD
  3. The Street Triple 675!
    Hi, I've not been able to find a problem quite like this on the forums so I'm hoping someone out there has some bright ideas :smile:. The bike has been cutting out seemingly randomly within the first 5-10mins of riding. The engine cuts, all the lights and grips go for a few seconds, then it...
  4. Maintenance and repair
    New to the forum. I searched but didn't see anything specific to the non-R Nissen calipers. Hoping someone has a link on how to change the front brake pads. Appreciated!
  5. Classifieds
    Brand new in box OEM Triumph Street/Speed Triple light cluster. Plug and play. Never used, never mounted. SKU#T2701952 $265 + freight $350 + Freight all over the internet from Authorized Dealers. This is a sweet deal on a genuine factory part (not a knockoff). Taken out of box only for pictures.
  6. The Street Triple 675!
    I know the "exhaust" thread has been done many times over I just haven't seen much discussion regarding these two exhausts. I just got a new 2015 STR and love the sc project crt for it but also am really drawn to the Remus aswell (I'm aware of the sc project conic aswell but I would say thats a...
  7. All Things Suspension
    I know the Daytona switch has been beaten to death, but I haven't found an answer to this scenario yet... I know these have been interchangeable for years, but I noticed the frame has changed slightly for 2013. I'm trying to stiffen the rear for 2up riding, and also make it adjustable for my...
  8. Stuff of interest
    So a buddy and I were looking for a new route to ride and upon searching the map on our phones we found a canyon we'd never heard of and set out to explore it. It was route 39 past Crystal Lake in Azusa. Man, what a gorgeous road with breathtaking scenery! After hauling ass up the winding...
  9. The Street Triple 675!
    I've decided to rat up my Street triple. Don't ask why. She has done 80 000kms. Not too bad. Mechanically runs very well. Has anyone done something like this? Post up pics. Street fighter conversions don't count. I'm looking for anything where "Zero fucks" were given. So far I have spent $15...
  10. Parts
    SOLD Street Triple Handlebar SOLD In good used condition From a 2009 Standard Street Triple Available for local pick up in Brampton,ON Ask for shipping quote $55.00
  11. The Street Triple 675!
    Hello all, First I'd like to introduce myself to this nice forum, am a long time reader first time writer in this forum, I've been a member of this forum since I bought my street triple. I had FZ6 before I bought the striple that served me very well without a glitch, but that bike just felt...
  12. 675 Photos
    Hi, First of all sorry for my bad english i'm french, i'll do my best :whistle: I have registered on this forum for a while now but i never posted (but i read you a lot ;)), because i am not very confortable with my english :( But i have finally finished my bike and i thought why not...
  13. Parts
    For sale arrow exhaust 3 into 1 lowboy and a carbon fiber fender eliminator i will consider any reasonable offers i need this stuff gone send me your email for pics Exhaust is sold fender eliminator still for sale
  14. Classifieds Graveyard
    For sale complete stock street triple exhaust no scratches $400 and its yours
1-14 of 14 Results