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  1. Bikes
    SOLD 2013 Ducati Multistrada Granturismo, bought new in July 2013. I am the first owner. This is a fully loaded model and the MSRP at the time of purchase was $23000. Condition: Total 18800 miles. The bike has never been crashed, dropped and all services have been performed at the authorized...
  2. Australia and Asia-Pacific
    Hi guys, am doing my first long ride on my 08 d675 from ballarat up to the Sunshine Coast and back. I am needing to setup the bike with gear ( tankbag, saddlebags etc ). Any advice or special mentions would be greatly appreciated. Have read most of the threads on this stuff but anything extra...
  3. General 675 discussion
    I just wanna know how far anyone has rode their bike in one day because I'm thinking about getting one but I just wanna know how far I can go before fatigue.
  4. Trip reports
    Flame away oh 675 bretheren. Either that or be gentle. hehe:thumbsup: To follow my blog tour writeup (text/pictures.. Pretty much same as I did on here a little while ago) My first ever video, trying to make the journey a bit interesting for the viewer.. Boy do I not like looking directly at...
  5. Trip reports
    Dunno if I can claim the title of "first daytona 675 in morocco", but given the stares from the locals I don't think they've had as sexy a bike this side of the Gibraltar strait. So I'll be putting up videos etc, but it was an interesting journey just getting here, took the ferry from plymouth...
  6. United Kingdom
    Just fitted a shark pipe to my bike last night. Started it up but haven't ridden it yet. Heading off on a 2 week tour in 3 weeks, just wondering if I should have the bike Remapped before this tour, or whether I can get away with it with the standard mapping?
  7. United Kingdom
    Hi all. I'm heading off to Spain in a couple of months on my first motorcycle tour. I'm trying to get organised for what should be a great and memorable trip. However I don't want the memories to be bad ones e.g. sore wrists, fatigue etc. So I want to prepare my 675 as best as I can for the...
1-7 of 7 Results