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  1. Event Calendar
    Hopefully this thread doesn't prove too spammy. Last year, my website started organizing group riding tours. This would be our "flagship" motorcycle vacation, seven riders total, covering seven states, in seven days (hence the "777"). Our first go of it was last Spring in "prototype" form...
  2. General 675 discussion
    So I know from looking around here that there are plenty of people that tour on a Daytona perfectly fine. I know ultimately this is a personal decision/choice based on my needs/wants but I'm looking for some opinions on a choice I'm faced with (not a bad choice by any means). I'm going on an...
  3. United Kingdom
    Off to Spain for 15 days this sat. Wondering if anyone knows of a website that maps petrol station positions so I can print it off and refuel in the arse hole of the Pyrenees etc! Too tight to buy a Sat nav! Any suggestions? :please:
1-3 of 3 Results