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  1. General 675 discussion
    Hi All, I think I totaled my D675 while driving on state route 86 in SoCal I was behind a truck and it ran over a piece of tire and tossed it to me it hit me and I lost control of the bike. The Guy never saw me :cuss: luckily I was wearing all my leathers so all I had was some bruising. I also...
  2. General 675 discussion
    Whats up guys. First off im new to the forums and i just wanted to say what up. Secound off i need your opinions. In april i bought an 08 Daytona SE all sexy with its phantom black paint and its flossin' gold wheels. I will say it was the most perfict bike ive ridden so far. Until a jetta...
  3. Classifieds Graveyard
    today i crashed my bike. totaled. i am ok. but now i need to sell some parts. most of the front end is gone, but alot of the back end is ok. if you need something i will check its condition and get back to you EDIT*** now have some pictures and prices most prices are roughly half of...
1-3 of 3 Results