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  1. General 675 discussion
    Does anybody know where I can get a throttle lock for my 07 675? Thank you!
  2. General 675 discussion
    Hey All, just wanted to post up my impression and experience riding my newly purchased Street Triple. This is definitely an upgrade with respect to the throttle/power compared to my Ninja 250. I definitely feel I need seat time to adjust my fine motor skills. Since I haven't ridden since...
  3. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Ok so here is the story..I took my bike to the dealership in Lexington Ky ( the closest one to me ) 2.5 hours away.. bc the check engine light was on. BUT the bike was running fine it had been on for a week or so but this was the first chance i had to get it to the dealer. I the rode the piss...
  4. General 675 discussion
    is there any way to make it less twitchy? i swear everytime i hit a bump, it twitches really bad. i saw another thread with a guy saying the throttle on this bike sucks but i can't find it. any advice? or mod i can do?
1-4 of 4 Results