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  1. Cosmetic Mods
    Hey everyone, My Dayto 08 swingarm starts to show some serious wear behind the rear sets. I quite like the new swingarm protectors for the recent Triples : A9640188 Anyone of you knows, or would be able to check, if that would fit a Dayto 08 swingarm? Much appreciated... And as usual, ride safe.
  2. Parts
    Swingarm off a '07 675, straight and in good shape minor rash on right side. Asking $150 plus shipping and Paypal fee
  3. Performance Mods
    So I am building a custom street fighter with a daytonA 675 rear swingarm and brake system. It is a small bike that will be setup for cornering so I want narrow wheels and tires. I would like 3.5" front and rear width on my wheels and I like the look of the daytonA wheels. My swingarm won't be...
  4. All Things Suspension
    Hello all this is MY daytona 675. It IS a work in progress. Before to many of you hate too much just remember this bike is my love. I bought the 3rd scorched yellow in USA in 06 and sold it with well over 30k miles. This bike was a mess and cheap therefore im doing what I want with it.
  5. General 675 discussion
    ok guys, im looking for help! i need to know what the widths are on the front forks, swingarm, and where the frame sections meet! for the spool kits, or if anyone knows how long the actual bolts are that go through all three!! any help would be great In Iraq so i cant measure it my self...
  6. Performance Mods
    I just got a 2010 Daytona and I was wondering if it was possible to extend the swingarm. Also, if you have ever seen it done I'd like to get some feedback on how it looks or possibly some pics. Thanks
  7. Classifieds Graveyard
    I have rashed Graphite 2007 Daytona 675 parts for sale: - Gas Tank: $220 obo ($724 new) - Swingarm: $290 obo ($947 new) - Clutch Cover: $70 obo ($223 new) - Clutch Release Arm & Spring: $15 obo ($46 new) - Crank Cover: $40 obo ($79 new) SOLD - RH lower (side) Fairing: $160 ($427 new) - Tail...
  8. Modifications
    I've had my bike for 2 years now and have done little mods to it. Now I'm trying to locate where I can buy a few items. If anyone has the websites or links to any of these places I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for: 520 chain and sprocket combo Any place that has or will do a custom...
1-8 of 8 Results