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  1. Cosmetic Mods
    G'day All, as this is my first message... My name's Marco, I'm Italian but live in Sydney, Australia! Also, I just preordered a brand new white Street Triple 675! Should be here in May/June according to the dealer - so from my personal experience it'll be here by end of June/July! :laugh: I am...
  2. Riding Gear
    This is my first time posting so sorry if im doing something wrong or in the wrong spot or something in advance. I am going back home, from San Diego to Angels camp, California. Its gonna be a long ride i think 400+ miles. Im looking for some bags so I can bring some clothes and other things...
  3. General 675 discussion
    Just thought I'd post up some of the things I put in my post purchase review survey thing for triumph (yeah, i did it 2 years after purchase.. but hey). I didn't save what I sent to triumph but this is what I can remember. Anyone else got thoughts? Things I love: engine is unique, great...
1-3 of 3 Results