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  1. Riders Discount
    Holding on at full throttle can be a lot of work, especially on a long ride or when you're at the track. StompGrip traction pads make life a little easier by providing just the right amount of friction between your legs and the fuel tank. In effect, they allow you to maintain better control of...
  2. Classifieds Graveyard
    I'm selling these slightly used set of GSG frame sliders. Right slider has a few scuffs due to some asshole pushing my bike over in a parking lot. Left is in perfect condition. Other than that, the sliders are in immaculate shape. Will sell for $180 plus shipping. Or reasonable offer. Also for...
  3. General 675 discussion
    You know, I just read the article mentioned in the SportRider 600 Shootout thread and realized something very odd about me and my 675. Everyone complains about the ergonomics of the bike. I don't, though. "I mentioned earlier that the 675's overall narrow shape helped make for a good handling...
1-3 of 4 Results