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  1. How To's
    Hello everyone, I noticed that there hasnt been an updated how to on stators or Woodcraft covers in a while and seeing as how I just did it I figured I would document and detail my experience! 1. Remove the left side fairing to expose all the bolts. 2. If you are installing the Woodcraft...
  2. Maintenance and repair
    i'm a little concerned about the heat shrink used on the wires of the stator i bought. there's too much heat shrink and the wiring couldn't fully go into the groove inside the stator cover. what do you guys think? will i be fine or should i use a different materal to cover the wires?
  3. Riders Discount
    Add strength and good looks to your Triumph Daytona 675's engine cases with these case covers from Woodcraft Technologies. The Triumph's OEM case covers are made of thin cast metal that's weaker than these CNC-machined beauties making them unreliable in a crash situation. The damage can be more...
  4. Riders Discount now carries GB Racing components! Designed and manufactured in the UK, GB Racing has become recognized for employing excellent engineering capabilities to create bolt-on motorcycle crash protection products. The FIM-approved components are manufactured using injection molded...
1-4 of 4 Results