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  1. All Things Suspension
    I know the Daytona switch has been beaten to death, but I haven't found an answer to this scenario yet... I know these have been interchangeable for years, but I noticed the frame has changed slightly for 2013. I'm trying to stiffen the rear for 2up riding, and also make it adjustable for my...
  2. All Things Suspension
    Hi guys, sorry, if I'll double topic, but couldn't find solution for my problem. I wantt to change rear suspension spring in my 2009 Triumph 675 Daytona. I made some research and it seems I have to buy 8,9kg/mm spring (my weight is 133lbs/62kg). I have two options - I can make order from...
  3. Track Days
    I've been pretty quiet on here and just about every other forum for quite some time, after a long winter of ups and downs we're gearing up for a packed 2010 season. Checkout the Boston Moto Blog for all the latest on track days, tires, and a heap of helpful articles relevant to track riding and...
1-3 of 3 Results