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  1. Bikes
    After holding onto this for far too long, I have to let her go. She just sits in my living room taunting me. But have had too many broken bones and injuries and hurts to ride her anymore. 2008 Daytona 675 SE Only 5300 miles 1. Jardine Exhaust 2. Triumph TOR tune 3. Smoke rear tail light 4...
  2. Introductions
    Hello All, I've been riding since 2003 on a Ninja 500 and upgraded to a 2010 675SE a few weeks ago... and low sided it yesterday :(. If you have any tips or leads on finding replacement fairings I'm all ears :D Located in Ottawa, Canada. - Brent
  3. General 675 discussion
    Hey all, I'm looking to pick up my first 675 and have been checkin out pics and colors and years... I love the gloss black/gold 2007 675, but then I saw the matte black (maybe gray) 2008 SE and the white/blue 2010 LE... As far as looks go, I like the 2007 first (with a jardine), the 2010...
1-3 of 4 Results