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  1. Trip reports
    Flame away oh 675 bretheren. Either that or be gentle. hehe:thumbsup: To follow my blog tour writeup (text/pictures.. Pretty much same as I did on here a little while ago) My first ever video, trying to make the journey a bit interesting for the viewer.. Boy do I not like looking directly at...
  2. United Kingdom
    Off to Spain for 15 days this sat. Wondering if anyone knows of a website that maps petrol station positions so I can print it off and refuel in the arse hole of the Pyrenees etc! Too tight to buy a Sat nav! Any suggestions? :please:
  3. United Kingdom
    Hi all. I'm heading off to Spain in a couple of months on my first motorcycle tour. I'm trying to get organised for what should be a great and memorable trip. However I don't want the memories to be bad ones e.g. sore wrists, fatigue etc. So I want to prepare my 675 as best as I can for the...
1-3 of 3 Results