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  1. Repair/Troubleshooting
    hello everybody! I wanted to tell a tale, and maybe ask for advice.. (Street my2014 25k km) The other day i was driving after a long trip (to Rome) just about to reach my destination when.. approaching a stop, i couldn’t downshift. Gear Shift felt soft under my foot, when i checked visually.. it...
  2. Repair/Troubleshooting
    I've been doing some cosmetic changes on my 2006 Speedmaster (new handlebars, new exhaust, seat, sissy bar, things like that) this winter and I replaced the clutch cable yesterday. However, when testing the cable, I noticed now that it will shift freely from 1st, to N, to second gear, but not...
  3. Parts
    This is off my brand new 675R. Never used. I am converting to GP shift and have no use for it. Retails for about $400 brand new. Let me know...$335 FREE shipping. US only. SOLD SOLD
  4. Parts
    Looking for the shift linkage rod that runs through the frame attaching to the rearset and the other end. Could also use the two little bolts too. Also need 2 of the subframe bolts. The ones that are polished and visible, where it attached to the main frame. Lastly the two bolts that attach...
  5. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Wondering if anyone has seen or had this issue with their shifter. Last week I took off in the morning to go to work, got to the end of my street, and coming up to the stop sign I tried to click down through the gears from 4 to 1, but it would not shift down, no matter how many times I hit the...
1-5 of 5 Results