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  1. Parts
    From a 2007 daytona 675. Woodcraft rearsets. I believe they are complete. Might need a bolt or two but those are inexpensive. Instructions and stickers(may not still stick) Slight rash on brake lever tip. Also had bolt strip so i had to grind bolt off. so there is slight cut on one side of...
  2. Performance Mods
    I wanted to consolidate all of the information on we have available on the Attack Rearsets floating around our forum for future reference. I'll start off with what I can recall and if I miss something, please contribute and I will add it onto the list. ===================== INSTALLATION ISSUES...
  3. Parts
    Located in Southern California Willing to ship so long as you pay for it and add the 3% Paypal fee Price has been reduced to $35! Fits my 2006 Triumph Daytona 675, OEM good condition does not come with bolts or screws. Comes as seen!
  4. Parts
    selling a set of Sato Racing rear sets: natural aluminum finish capable of both GP (reverse) and Standard shift patterns great adjustability: stock, 10mm forward, 20mm forward, 10mm up, 10mm up/ 10mm forward, 20mm up/ 10mm back, 20mm up, and 20mm up/ 10mm forward relative to stock all...
  5. Want To Buy
    Looking to repair some crash damage, I still need: - RHS fairing for 2010 D675 SE (pearl white) - Rizoma or Attack Performance Rearsets, prefereably Rizoma - WTB or WTT+pay cash for 2010 D675 SE tail fairing for CF/FB tail fairing
  6. Parts
    Lowsided at midohio the other day and snapped the left rearset in half. Looking for the Stock left rearset bracket on the cheap. I would prolly buy both full rearsets for spares if the price is right. Thanks all. Located in Ohio 43082. Also if anyone has a left side trackstar helibar I could...
  7. Want To Buy
    Looking for adjustable rear sets for 07 Daytona 675. (sato, gilles and similar). Please PM me offers.
  8. Modifications
    Received my early birthday present, finally... I am just contemplating if I should wait until my birthday to install or just go ahead and do it now... lol... I am very impressed with them, they are a very nice quality... I am more than happy with the purchase and the customer service provided...
  9. Classifieds Graveyard
    Looking for a stock right side rearset footpeg / footrest, brake pedal, and mounting hangar bracket (control plate). BikeBandit wants $61 for the control plate, $55 for the footrest, and $83 for the brake pedal(!)
1-9 of 9 Results