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  1. All Things Tuning
    So can anybody help me out on the following 2 things?? I ride a 09 Street R with a quickshifter, sc project cans with the high arrows map (20590) Runs smooth. now the quickshifter, wich in base is "clunky". i want to make that smoother. you can alter the killtimes, in 3 ranges in tuneecu...
  2. Maintenance and repair
    So. I installed a healtech quickshifter for my street triple 675 2008 and it started but would not idle without the engine dying. Had to give some throttle for it to not die but the engine still behaved uneven. Took the QS out and plugged it back as it were but problem persisted. Anyone with...
  3. Performance Mods
    After searching the forum but not being able to find something relatable i decided to write this post to see if any of you light be familiar to this problem. I recently bought the Triumph quickshifter kit (A9938249) for my late 2009 Daytona. I bought it at the dealership and they confirmed that...
  4. United Kingdom
    Hi all For sale - Triumph 2013 Intellishift GP Quickshifter, the updated version. Specifically, Translogic TML Push 12 4. I bought the push (race pattern) version through my naivety, when really I need the pull (road pattern) version! Excellent condition as you would expect. Perfect for those...
  5. Parts
    This is off my brand new 675R. Never used. I am converting to GP shift and have no use for it. Retails for about $400 brand new. Let me know...$335 FREE shipping. US only. SOLD SOLD
  6. Performance Mods
    Hey guys, I'm wondering what the general consensus is on quickshifters. Worth it? Any specific downsides I should know about? Im considering getting one for my 09 675 daytona. Good or bad idea?! Your opinions are appreciated. :)
  7. Parts
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have for sale a brand new in the box Triumph quickshifter. This is a plug and play fit for '09+ Daytonas. It will also work with earlier models that have a kit ECU and harness installed. Retails for $399. Buy it for cheaper @ $300 shipped. FYI: I bought it for my track...
1-7 of 8 Results