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  1. Performance Mods
    Anyone have pictures of their install as far as where the connectors are? I found several threads already but the pics were hosted on photobucket and can't see them anymore. Injectors are easy but even following the bazzaz install pdf I'm not seeing where any of the other connectors are. I've...
  2. General 675 discussion
    Great day for riding, terrible day for the mountain, had 4-5 accidents and 1 fatality yesterday, had a pretty freaky rear slide... decided that was enough, did however get some good shots:thumbup: guys please be careful out there! shout out to sean (believe he's seandoe on here) hes got a super...
  3. Stuff of interest
    Posted up on my blog about some rocket powered bicycles: I think I'd be too shit scared it was going to blow up and take my nuts off.. Particularly the old school german ones:
  4. 675 Photos
    Been on the forum a while and enjoy getting ideas/drooling over BOTM winners bikes and other pictures scattered around the forum but thought it might be worth starting a thread for anyone and everyone to put up pictures of their bikes that may not be quite up to BOTM standard yet, but are still...
  5. General 675 discussion
    I've got the motorrad somer CF mud guard and took it off to do a good thorough clean before the big trip.. Here's what I found.. Just need some deck chairs (sans germans?) and a bit of sun (might have to leave the UK for that one) Oh and here's what I uncovered by taking the front sprocket...
1-5 of 5 Results