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  1. Maintenance and repair
    Has anyone found a nail polish that matches the Diablo Red color? Looking for a cheap substitute for a touch up pen. Thanks.
  2. General 675 discussion
    Im a pretty creative guy so I'll probably end up painting my Daytona soon. Jw wondering if any of you guys have any custom paint schemes or anything? Of course post some pics!!
  3. Cosmetic Mods
    After a slight accident last fall, I decided to repaint my 2006 D675 as my winter project. Having never done anything of the sort before, it was a bit of a challenge, but very rewarding in the end. It started out scorched yellow and has become pearl white/red and flat black with a few custom...
  4. Cosmetic Mods
    :huh: So a month or so ago I laid down my bike. No body’s fault but mine. Cold road + cold tires + aggressive cornering = low side. Lost the front in an turn. I was fine. I always ride in good rear and fortunately I didn’t hit anything. The bike was not too bad. Typical damage. Broken peg...
  5. 675 Photos
    Hi, First of all sorry for my bad english i'm french, i'll do my best :whistle: I have registered on this forum for a while now but i never posted (but i read you a lot ;)), because i am not very confortable with my english :( But i have finally finished my bike and i thought why not...
  6. Modifications
    Okay so I am finished with my fiberglass repair of the track plastics (Catalyst). Going to be sanding them down and giving them a new look in the next week or two. I want them to look nice so I was wondering if: 1) Anybody could help me with paint scheme ideas/renderings - I would preferably...
  7. Modifications
    I decided to paint my covers today, similar to my old 600rr. I did my covers on my 600rr in spray paint, but off the bike. The spray paint holds up really well for what it is. (Although powdercoating will always be the better pricier alternative.) This time i decided to use this simple trick...
  8. Modifications
    Decided to see how they looked in matt black, with the outer rim left unpainted. Figure the covering will be a bit delicate, so will treat them gently.. Scrubbed it with steel wool and gave a bunch of coats.. So will see.. I think it looks pretty great compared to stock.. Figure I'll be...
1-8 of 8 Results