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  1. Maintenance and repair
    Alright before you guys all flame me, yes what I did was crazy, stupid, maybe a bit creative? :/ anyways I had poured too much motor oil into my bike and decided to take some out. I didn't have a fluid siphon pump on me so I decided to make my own out of the bottle spray pumps you find in your...
  2. Australia and Asia-Pacific
    Had a burst of self-confidence in my own technical skills the other day, and bought a pair of genuine Triumph fork seals for my Daytona 675 thinking I could swap them out myself. That confidence quickly evaporated when I got my first look at the inside of a fork... P/N: T2044161 "Triumph...
  3. Repair/Troubleshooting
    So went out for a ride today and I shut off the bike for a while. When I went to start it up again it started but then died. I started it up again and put a little throttle in it and it didn't shut off. I was just wondering if it could be the switch to 15/50 full synthetic + the heat (it's about...
1-3 of 3 Results