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  1. Modifications
    Hey guys, I’ve had my ‘15 STR for almost 6 months and I’m dying to get a slip on for it. id rather not pay 4-6 hundred bucks for the ones that are specifically for my year and model when there’s slip ons from the same companies for the more popular bikes for 2-300 bucks. If I get the...
  2. Modifications
    Hello, first off, I have already checked every sub forum on here and no luck. Does anyone know where to find a triple Ixil Exhaust for an '06 Daytona? It was discontinued a while back and I really find myself wanting one. I've looked everywhere online and got nothing. Does anyone have another...
  3. Cosmetic Mods
    I know someone has probably already asked this before, so could I get a link to instructions on how to take the pillion pegs off the 2013 Daytona 675R. Or how to take off the rear fairing at least. Please & thank you :smile:
  4. Performance Mods
    Hey all, Ok so here's the set up, I currently have the 675 license plate bracket from BC that mounts between the passenger pegs, the problem is I just moved to Germany and upon taking my bike to get inspected for tags they're telling me the plates aren't visible now I'm stuck...
  5. United Kingdom
    Hi there everyone. Does anyone know where to get / have lying around / know how to make a link pipe for a Scorpion silencer? Ive purchased a silencer but found theres no link pipe from the end of the standard middle section to the new can. Contacted Scorpion and they dont sell the pipes...
  6. United Kingdom
    So we're all broke, recession is just around the corner, and what passed for summer has just waved bye bye and done one. Apart from bitching at each other on here, (which I recall was very popular last winter and it's free of course) what projects are you planning for your bike this coming...
1-6 of 6 Results