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  1. Introductions
    Hello, I'm new here and still trying to figure out how to engage on this forum. Im sure ill learn soon lol In the meantime I was hoping if someone had a right mirror or both for sale for a 2010 Daytona 675? I had a embarrassing incident in my garage. My bike hit the shoe rack on the side while...
  2. Parts
    Bought the mirrors of a member on here while the air intake is lightly used by a friend but haven't had a chance to mount myself. Rizoma Mirrors: SOLD Carbon Intake: 75 shipped
  3. The Street Triple 675!
    EDIT: With the help of everyone below, I've successfully installed independent mirror mounts that provide a Y-axis adjustment that's completely separate from our preferred lever positions. I've written a tutorial that's located here: ORIGINAL ...
  4. Cosmetic Mods
    Hello everyone, so I finally said f*** it and bought some Rizoma knock off mirrors on eBay and though I would share the experience for other that have contemplated this buy. First of patient it will take roughly a month to ship from China I ordered mine on Sept 30th and received them...
  5. The Street Triple 675!
    Thinking of fitting some bar end mirrors to my 2011 Street Triple. It looks like Triumph has two factory options, both of which look nice. However, as a San Francisco commuter I'm concerned about the impact on my ability to lane split. Splitting is an absolute necessity in the city, and even a...
  6. The Street Triple 675!
    So I saw a set of replica Rizoma Tomok Mirrors here on a 2013 Triumph Street Triple R. I loved them, but couldn't justify the outrageous $300 price tag for mirrors (sorry, it's just some metal and glass....) So I ordered some off of eBay for $50 shipped from China. Here are the pics. They look...
  7. Parts
    Hey guys, got a 2011 Phantom Daytona that I'm putting back together. Going with the 675R color scheme so here's the parts list that I still need. Not sure what model years that some of these parts change but I'll list as I figure it out. Looking for the parts that are OEM replacement mostly...
  8. Cosmetic Mods
    Hello my friends. Just finished my little carbon tuning of mirrors. What do you think?
1-8 of 8 Results